4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

[Resolved] 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab: Ultimate Guide

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4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab – 4K monitors have become increasingly popular for their stunning visuals and immersive gaming experiences.

However, some users have encountered an issue where their 4K monitor displays a black screen when alt-tabbing out of a full-screen application.

This frustrating phenomenon can disrupt workflow and gaming sessions. In this blog post, JonakyBlog will explore the potential causes behind the “4K monitor black screen when alt-tab” problem and offer effective solutions to resolve it.

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Resolution and Refresh Rate Mismatch – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

One common reason for the black screen issue is a resolution or refresh rate mismatch between the full-screen application and the desktop.

When you alt-tab, your computer attempts to switch between different resolutions or refresh rates, causing the monitor to momentarily lose signal and display a black screen.


Ensure that the desktop resolution and refresh rate match the resolution and refresh rate set within the game or full-screen application.

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Navigate to Display Settings on your computer and set the desktop resolution and refresh rate to match your desired settings in the game.

GPU Driver Compatibility – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Outdated or incompatible GPU drivers can also trigger the black screen problem when alt-tabbing.

GPU driver issues can disrupt communication between your graphics card and the monitor, leading to temporary blackouts.


Update your GPU drivers to the latest version available from the manufacturer’s website. This process ensures better compatibility and often resolves such issues.

Exclusive Full-Screen Mode – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Some games and applications utilize exclusive full-screen mode, which can cause alt-tabbing to behave erratically.

In this mode, the application takes full control of the display, causing the screen to go black when switching to the desktop.

Solution – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Check the game or application’s settings to see if you can switch to borderless windowed mode or windowed mode.

These modes allow for smoother alt-tabbing and often prevent black screen issues.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Applications

Certain applications, especially web browsers, use hardware acceleration to boost performance.

However, hardware acceleration can sometimes conflict with GPU drivers, leading to the black screen problem.

Solution – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Disable hardware acceleration in applications where possible. For web browsers like Google Chrome, you can find this option in the settings under “Advanced” or “System.”

Power Management Settings – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Your monitor’s power management settings may contribute to the black screen issue.

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Power-saving features can cause the monitor to go into sleep mode when switching between applications.


Adjust the power management settings on your monitor and computer to ensure they don’t interfere with alt-tabbing.

Set your monitor to an appropriate power-saving mode or disable power-saving features if necessary.

Conclusion – 4k Monitor Black Screen When Alt Tab

Experiencing a black screen when alt-tabbing on a 4K monitor can be a frustrating issue, but rest assured, there are effective solutions available.

By checking and adjusting resolution and refresh rate settings, updating GPU drivers, using different display modes, and managing power settings, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering this problem.

Troubleshooting and resolving these issues will ensure a smoother and more enjoyable computing and gaming experience on your 4K monitor. Happy alt-tabbing!