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About Us

Welcome to JonakyBlog is designed:

  1. To increment awareness concerning web design, WordPress development, earn money from the internet and guide to other online businesses
  2. To teach people how to own and manage a business and
  3. To share knowledge about the internet, blogging and other related information that every internet user should know.

Some of the articles we handle include:

  • Business – Discover an online business that you can venture into, learn it, grow it and earn some cash from it.
  • Education ā€“ Get tutorials and articles with detailed guide on how it is done including screenshots (for visual learners).
  • Information ā€“ We deliver technology and other essential articles to our noble visitors.

We work enormously to satisfy our readers the best and most recommended quality articles from all over the internet.

Our Vision

JonakyBlog is a platform for those who have the desire to excel in this fast-changing online world.

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Our Mission

To openly share knowledge that other like-minded people can find useful in any region of the world. This is to ensure that our words will reach out to everyone on every corner of the planet.

A bit about Me

I am an entrepreneur, blogger and computer engineer from Nigeria with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Michael Okpara Federal University, Abia state.

When Iā€™m not much busy, I love doing research in the internet.

In 2020 I discovered JonakyBlog ā€“ an online platform for sharing knowledge to the world. This is based on some knowledge I have about the internet, blogging, web design and other online businesses.

Grace Starr
Founder & C.E.O of

I serve as the leading C.E.O at JonakyBlog. If you navigate through my articles, you will observe that I love simplifying my contents to the point that even a novice can understand it.

JonakyBlog started with the aim of sharing knowledge and this is an open community to interact with like-minded people.

You can read more info on how JonakyBlog started here.