AbeatsGame Contract Address

AbeatsGame Contract Address: Get 30,000,000 $AHE Airdrop [Detailed]

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AbeatsGame Contract Address – Here is another opportunity to claim your free Airdrop.

AbeatsGame Contract Address token airdrop is a great opportunity you have to claim free tokens as well as a cryptocurrency wallet.

We explained all the steps you need to follow to get this airdrop as well as the AbeatsGame Contract Address.

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Let’s get started…

How to claim your $AHE Airdrop – Abeats Game Contract Address token airdrop

Things that are available for this Airdrop:

  • AbeatsGame token Airdrop
  • Available Reward Pool: 30,000,000 $AHE
  • Referral option: +1 Entries (each successful one)
  • Distribution date starts from 10th February, 2022
  • The Airdrop Link: here

Complete below tasks to claim the Airdrop

  1. Joing AbeatsGame on their Telegram groups (channel)
  2. Follow them on their Tweeter handles
  3. Make sure to tag at least 3 of your friends, also like and retweet their posts
  4. When you’re done with the 3 steps above, submit your wallet address details in their Airdrop page

Visit the Abeats Game Contract Address token airdrop website here.

AbeatsGame Contract Address


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