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Bank of America SWIFT Code: What You Need to Know for International Transactions

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Bank of America SWIFT Code – In today’s interconnected world, international transactions are becoming increasingly common.

Whether you’re sending or receiving money from abroad, understanding the SWIFT code is essential.

In this blog post, JonakyBlog will delve into the details of the Bank of America SWIFT code, what it is, how to find it, and its significance in facilitating secure and efficient cross-border transactions.

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What is a SWIFT Code?

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code is a unique identification code used to facilitate international money transfers between banks worldwide.

It acts as a secure identifier for a specific financial institution and is crucial in ensuring that funds are directed accurately to the intended bank and branch during cross-border transactions.

Bank of America SWIFT Code

The SWIFT code for Bank of America is BOFAUS3N.

This 8 or 11-character alphanumeric code is assigned to Bank of America to identify its specific branch or location for international transactions.

The SWIFT code breakdown for Bank of America is as follows:

  1. First four letters (BOFA) represent the bank’s name.
  2. The following two letters (US) denote the country where the bank is located (in this case, the United States).
  3. The last three letters (3N) represent the branch code.
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Importance of the Bank of America SWIFT Code

The Bank of America SWIFT code is a critical piece of information for anyone conducting international transactions involving the bank.

When you transfer money from your Bank of America account to an overseas recipient or receive funds from abroad, the SWIFT code ensures that the funds reach the correct bank and the correct branch within that bank.

Where to Find the Bank of America SWIFT Code?

You can easily find the Bank of America SWIFT code by:

#1. Bank of America Website

Visit the official Bank of America website and search for “SWIFT code” in the search bar.

The relevant information will be displayed, including the SWIFT code for international transfers.

#2. Internet Banking

If you have an online banking account with Bank of America, you can find the SWIFT code by logging in and navigating to the “Wire Transfer” or “International Transfers” section.

#3. Customer Service

Reach out to Bank of America’s customer service for assistance in finding the SWIFT code.

Using the Bank of America SWIFT Code for International Transfers

When initiating an international wire transfer to or from Bank of America, you will be asked to provide the SWIFT code along with other essential information, such as the recipient’s bank account number and their bank’s address.

Ensure that all the details are accurate to prevent any delays or errors in the transaction.


The Bank of America SWIFT code, BOFAUS3N, is a vital piece of information that enables seamless and secure international transactions for the bank’s customers.

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Understanding the significance of SWIFT codes and knowing where to find them is crucial for conducting cross-border transactions efficiently.

Whether you are sending money to family abroad or receiving payments from international clients, the Bank of America SWIFT code ensures that your funds reach their intended destination promptly and accurately.

Embrace the global connectivity of today’s financial world, knowing that the Bank of America SWIFT code simplifies the process of sending and receiving money across borders.