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[REVEALED] From Bar to Extended Isofix Points: A Comprehensive Guide

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From Bar to Extended Isofix Points – Car safety for children is of paramount importance, and one crucial element is the installation of car seats using secure anchor points.

Many parents are familiar with Isofix points, which provide a robust and standardized method for fitting car seats in vehicles.

However, some cars come with an additional option known as “bar to extended Isofix points.”

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In this blog post, JonakyBlog will explore the differences between the traditional Isofix system and the extended Isofix system, shedding light on their benefits and considerations for parents.

Understanding Isofix Points

Isofix is an internationally standardized system that simplifies and enhances the installation of child car seats in vehicles.

It consists of fixed anchor points built into the car’s structure, ensuring a secure and rigid connection between the car seat and the vehicle.

Isofix points are typically located in the rear seats of cars and are designed to provide a straightforward and user-friendly installation process for car seats.

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Traditional Isofix vs. Bar to Extended Isofix Points

1. Traditional Isofix Points – Bar to Extended Isofix Points

Traditional Isofix points consist of two rigid metal bars that are attached to the base of the car seat.

These bars are inserted into the designated anchor points in the vehicle’s rear seats, forming a firm and direct connection between the car seat and the car’s chassis.

This system offers excellent stability and minimizes the risk of incorrect installation.

2. Bar to Extended Isofix Points – Bar to Extended Isofix Points

The bar to extended Isofix points system is an enhancement of the traditional Isofix system.

In some cars, the Isofix anchor points may be set further back in the rear seats, making them harder to reach.

To address this, some car seat manufacturers provide car seats with an extended bar.

This extended bar serves as an extension to the standard Isofix bars, allowing parents to reach the anchor points more easily.

Benefits of Bar to Extended Isofix Points

#1. Enhanced Accessibility – Bar to Extended Isofix Points

The extended bar makes it easier to reach the Isofix anchor points, especially in vehicles where the standard anchor points are set deeper into the seat crevices.

#2. Universal Compatibility – Bar to Extended Isofix Points

Car seats with extended Isofix bars are designed to fit both traditional and extended Isofix anchor points, providing flexibility and ease of use in various vehicles.

#3. Improved Stability – Bar to Extended Isofix Points

Just like the traditional Isofix system, the extended bar ensures a secure and stable connection between the car seat and the vehicle, enhancing overall safety.

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Considerations for Parents

#1. Car Compatibility

Before purchasing a car seat with extended Isofix bars, it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with extended Isofix anchor points.

If not, the car seat will still be compatible with traditional Isofix points, but the extended bar may not be utilized.

#2. Car Seat Models

Not all car seat models offer extended Isofix bars. Parents should check with the manufacturer or retailer to determine if a specific car seat model includes this feature.

#3. Installation Guidelines

Always follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines when fitting the car seat with extended Isofix bars to ensure proper and secure installation.


The bar to extended Isofix points system is a valuable enhancement to the already reliable and secure traditional Isofix system.

With the extended bar, parents can access and connect the car seat to the vehicle’s Isofix anchor points more easily, improving overall usability and safety.

However, it’s crucial to verify that your vehicle has extended Isofix anchor points and choose a compatible car seat model that includes this feature.

As a parent, investing in a car seat with extended Isofix bars can provide peace of mind and confidence in your child’s safety during every car journey.

Prioritize proper installation and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your little one enjoys a secure and comfortable ride, protected by the efficiency of the extended Isofix points.