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Top 10 CASPer Practice Questions and Answers: Ultimate Guide to Mastering the CASPer Test

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CASPer Practice Questions – The CASPer (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics) test is an essential component of the medical school admissions process for many institutions.

This situational judgement test evaluates your ethical reasoning, interpersonal skills, and decision-making abilities.

In this blog post, JonakyBlog will provide you with 10 CASPer practice questions along with detailed answers to help you prepare effectively for this unique assessment.

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Understanding the CASPer Test

The CASPer test consists of 12 sections, each containing a scenario followed by three open-ended questions.

The scenarios are designed to simulate real-world situations, and your responses are evaluated based on your thought process, communication skills, and ethical considerations.

Practice Questions and Answers

#1. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You witness a fellow student cheating on an exam. What would you do?


I would immediately report the incident to the appropriate faculty member or academic authority.

Cheating undermines the integrity of education, and it’s crucial to maintain a fair and honest academic environment.

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#2. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You’re part of a team for a group project, and a team member consistently fails to contribute. How would you address this situation?


I would first try to communicate with the team member privately, expressing my concerns and offering assistance.

If the issue persists, I would involve the professor or project supervisor to ensure the project’s success.

#3. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You notice a colleague making derogatory comments about a patient’s ethnicity. How would you handle this situation?


I would approach my colleague privately and express my discomfort with their comments.

I would emphasize the importance of respecting diversity and ensuring a culturally sensitive environment for patients.

#4. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

A coworker is struggling with a heavy workload, and you’re asked to help them out. However, you have your own tasks to complete. What do you do?


I would evaluate my own workload and availability to determine if I can assist without compromising my responsibilities. If possible, I would offer to help within my capacity.

#5. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You’re part of a group discussion, and one member consistently dominates the conversation. How would you ensure everyone’s voice is heard?


I would actively encourage quieter group members to share their thoughts and ideas. I might suggest a structured turn-taking approach to ensure equal participation.

#6. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You witness a friend engaging in risky behavior that could harm themselves or others. How do you address this situation?


I would express my concern for their well-being and provide evidence-based information on the potential risks. If necessary, I would encourage them to seek professional help.

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#7. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You’re working with a team of healthcare professionals, and there’s a difference of opinion regarding patient care. How would you approach this disagreement?


I would engage in respectful dialogue, considering the various perspectives and evidence. Collaboration is key in healthcare, and I would aim to find a consensus that benefits the patient.

#8. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You’re part of a research project, and your colleague plagiarizes content for their contribution. How would you handle this situation?


I would confront my colleague about the plagiarism and encourage them to rectify the situation by providing proper citations. If they refuse, I would inform the project leader or supervisor.

#9. Scenario – CASPer Practice Questions

You’re aware that a classmate is struggling with mental health issues. How can you offer support without intruding on their privacy?


I would express my concern and let them know that I’m available to listen and support them.

I would also suggest connecting them with appropriate mental health resources on campus.

#10. Scenario

A patient requests confidential medical information about a family member. How would you handle this request?


I would explain the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality and inform the patient that I cannot disclose information about their family member without proper authorization.


Preparing for the CASPer test requires not only a solid understanding of ethical reasoning but also the ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

By practicing with these 10 scenarios and carefully considering the provided answers, you’ll be better equipped to approach the CASPer test with confidence.

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Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and your responses should reflect your genuine ethical considerations and interpersonal skills.