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Discord Strikethrough: How to Stand Out in Discord Chats with Strikethrough Text

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Discord Strikethrough – Discord has become the go-to platform for gamers, community organizers, and friends to connect and communicate through text and voice chats.

While standard text is the norm, adding unique formatting can help your messages stand out and catch the attention of others.

One such formatting option is strikethrough text. In this blog post, JonakyBlog will explore how to use strikethrough text in Discord and offer creative ideas to make your messages more expressive and engaging.

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What is Strikethrough Text? – Discord Strikethrough

Strikethrough text is a formatting option that draws a horizontal line through the center of the text, indicating that the content has been “struck through” or marked as no longer relevant or valid.

It adds a sense of emphasis or context to the message, making it visually distinct from regular text.

How to Use Strikethrough Text in Discord

Using strikethrough text in Discord is simple.

To apply the strikethrough effect, enclose your text with two tildes (~) before and after the content you want to strike through. For example:

~~This is a strikethrough text.~~

Creative Ways to Use Strikethrough Text

#1. Crossing Out Mistakes – Discord Strikethrough

When you make an error or typo in your message, use strikethrough text to cross out the incorrect part while providing the correct information, adding a touch of humor to the conversation.

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#2. Updating Information – Discord Strikethrough

If there’s a change in plans or details, use strikethrough text to show the previous information as “deprecated” and provide the updated content, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

#3. Spoilers and Teasers – Discord Strikethrough

Strikethrough text is an excellent way to tease upcoming events or spoilers without giving too much away. It sparks curiosity and encourages others to anticipate what’s to come.

#4. Showcasing Progress – Discord Strikethrough

In gaming or project-related chats, use strikethrough text to indicate completed tasks or achievements, creating a sense of accomplishment for all participants.

#5. Hidden Messages – Discord Strikethrough

For a fun and engaging experience, hide messages using strikethrough text, prompting others to decipher the message and reveal the content.

Using Strikethrough Text with Other Formatting

In Discord, you can combine strikethrough text with other formatting options, such as bold, italics, or underline, to create unique and visually appealing messages. For example:

~~**This is bold strikethrough text**~~

Strikethrough in Mobile Apps – Discord Strikethrough

When using Discord on mobile devices, the process is similar. Tap and hold the text you want to strikethrough, select “More,” then choose “Formatting.”

Finally, select “Strikethrough” to apply the effect.

Conclusion – Discord Strikethrough

Adding strikethrough text to your Discord messages is a fantastic way to add flair and creativity to your conversations.

Whether you want to highlight updates, hide spoilers, or create engaging messages, strikethrough text is a versatile tool to express yourself uniquely.

Experiment with different combinations of formatting and make your Discord chats more engaging and exciting for everyone involved.

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Embrace the power of strikethrough text and make your messages stand out in the vibrant world of Discord communication.