God of War Stuck In House

[Resolved] God of War Stuck In House: How to Escape the House of Traps

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God of War Stuck In House – In the critically acclaimed game “God of War,” players take on the role of Kratos, the formidable Spartan warrior, on an epic quest through the realms of Norse mythology.

Along this journey, players encounter numerous challenges and puzzles that test their wit and skill.

One such challenge that has stumped many players is getting stuck in the infamous “House of Traps.”

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In this blog post, JonakyBlog will delve into the secrets of this treacherous location and provide a step-by-step guide to help you escape the House of Traps and continue your daring adventure with Kratos.

Understanding the House of Traps

The House of Traps is a puzzle-filled area in the Lake of Nine that players must navigate during the main storyline.

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This mysterious house holds ancient knowledge and powerful resources but is also filled with deadly traps and puzzling mechanisms.

Some players find themselves stuck in this location due to the complexity of the puzzles and the sheer number of traps.

Identifying Key Puzzles and Traps

#1. Spiked Ceiling – God of War Stuck In House

One of the initial challenges in the House of Traps involves avoiding the deadly spiked ceiling as it descends upon Kratos. Timing and quick reflexes are essential to progress.

#2. Wind Blades – God of War Stuck In House

Throughout the house, you’ll encounter blades powered by gusts of wind. Maneuver through them carefully to avoid being knocked back or killed.

#3. Crystal Puzzle – God of War Stuck In House

The main puzzle involves aligning crystal orbs correctly to unlock the central chamber. This intricate puzzle requires observation and deduction.

The Solution: Escaping the House of Traps

#1. Spiked Ceiling – God of War Stuck In House

To overcome the spiked ceiling, find the spinning Nornir chest nearby. Strike all three bells surrounding the chest to freeze the ceiling temporarily, allowing you to pass safely.

#2. Wind Blades – God of War Stuck In House

Utilize Kratos’ shield to block the gusts of wind from the blades, enabling you to pass through unscathed.

#3. Crystal Puzzle – God of War Stuck In House

This challenging puzzle requires rotating two sets of orbs simultaneously to match their corresponding symbols.

Observe the symbols carefully, and turn the pillars until they align correctly. Completing this puzzle unlocks the central chamber.

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#4. Hidden Door – God of War Stuck In House

Upon entering the central chamber, search for a hidden door disguised as part of the environment. This door leads to the exit of the House of Traps.

Tips for Success

#1. Save Often – God of War Stuck In House

The House of Traps can be unforgiving, so save your progress regularly to avoid having to restart from the beginning.

#2. Observe Your Surroundings – God of War Stuck In House

The key to solving the puzzles lies in paying close attention to your surroundings. Note symbols, patterns, and the layout of the traps to progress effectively.

#3. Patience and Perseverance

Don’t be discouraged by the challenges; solving the House of Traps requires patience and determination.


The House of Traps in “God of War” is a challenging yet rewarding location filled with deadly puzzles and cunning mechanisms.

By understanding the puzzles and traps and utilizing quick reflexes and observation, you can successfully escape this treacherous place and continue your thrilling adventure with Kratos.

Embrace the challenges, sharpen your wit, and savor the satisfaction of conquering the House of Traps as you progress through the captivating world of “God of War.” May your journey be filled with triumph and valor!