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Understanding History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

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History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College – History is a journey through time, offering us insights into the events, people, and societies that have shaped our world.

Bellevue College recognizes the significance of studying history and offers a diverse range of courses, including History 103, that delve into various periods and regions.

In this blog post, JonakyBlog will take a closer look at the History 103 syllabus at Bellevue College, highlighting its structure, topics, and the valuable insights it offers to students.

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Course Overview: History 103

History 103 is a course that aims to provide students with an understanding of world history from ancient times to the present.

The course is designed to explore key historical developments, cultural shifts, and societal changes that have influenced the course of humanity.

Syllabus Components

#1. Course Introduction – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

The syllabus kicks off with an introduction to the course, explaining its objectives, expectations, and the importance of studying world history.

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It sets the tone for the journey students are about to embark upon.

#2. Course Structure and Format – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

This section outlines how the course will be conducted. It may include details about lectures, discussions, assignments, readings, and assessments.

The syllabus also provides information about office hours and communication channels.

#3. Textbooks and Resources – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

The required and recommended readings for the course are listed here.

Students can find details about textbooks, online resources, and research materials that will aid their understanding of the historical topics.

#4. Assessment Methods – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

The syllabus explains how students will be evaluated throughout the course.

This section typically includes details about quizzes, exams, essays, research projects, and participation. Grading criteria and rubrics may also be provided.

#5. Course Schedule – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

A detailed schedule outlines the topics and themes that will be covered each week.

It includes lecture topics, readings, and assignments for every class session. This schedule gives students a roadmap of their learning journey.

#6. Course Topics – History 103 Syllabus at Bellevue College

The heart of the syllabus is the list of topics that will be covered in the course.

For History 103, these topics may include ancient civilizations, the rise of empires, cultural exchanges, revolutions, and global conflicts.

#7. Learning Outcomes

This section describes the skills and knowledge students are expected to gain by the end of the course.

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Learning outcomes may include critical thinking, historical analysis, research skills, and the ability to synthesize complex information.

#8. Policies and Expectations

The syllabus outlines policies related to attendance, participation, late assignments, academic integrity, and accommodations for students with disabilities.

It’s essential for students to be aware of these guidelines to ensure a smooth learning experience.


The History 103 syllabus at Bellevue College offers a fascinating journey through the annals of history, connecting the past to the present and providing valuable insights into the human experience.

By delving into diverse cultures, civilizations, and historical events, students gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities of our world.

The syllabus serves as a roadmap, guiding students through a curated selection of topics, readings, and assessments that will foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and a broader perspective.

Whether you’re an aspiring historian or simply curious about the past, History 103 at Bellevue College promises a captivating and enriching academic experience.