How To Transform Images With Fotor AI Tool [Detailed]

Transform images with Fotor AI tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – In this 21st century, images play a vital role in our businesses, personal lives, etc. Your ability to create an attractive image is quite an advantage in your business or brand.

Perhaps, a lot of people find it difficult to create an outstanding image because they don’t have the necessary tools that can be used to design their images.

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Before we teach you how you can transform images with Fotor AI tool, do you know that there are business ideas you can start with NGN5000 in Nigeria?

I know that most of you don’t know how to remove background in your images. Moreover, we will show your in details, how to transform images with Fotor AI Tool for FREE.

Let’s get started…

Overview of Fotor AI tool – Transform images with Fotor AI tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – Fotor is a web-based image editing and graphic design platform that provides a variety of tools and capabilities for enhancing and transforming photographs.

The Fotor AI tool, which employs artificial intelligence to automatically improve photographs and add numerous effects, is one of its most famous features.

However, this AI tool analyzes photographs using powerful algorithms to identify areas for improvement. Before you continue reading, do you know that you can make money from Instagram adverts and monetization?

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – It then makes a number of tweaks to the image in order to improve its quality and overall aesthetic attractiveness.

Color correction, exposure modification, noise reduction, and sharpness improvement are just a few of the alterations that can be done using the Fotor AI tool.

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – Fotor, in addition to its AI tool, has a variety of additional capabilities, such as fundamental picture editing tools such as crop, resize, and rotate, as well as sophisticated features such as retouching, layering, and image effects.

From our detailed research, we noticed that this AI tool also provides design tools such as templates for social media graphics, posters, and flyers.

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – Another fantastic thing is that Fotor is available in both free and premium editions, with the latter providing access to extra features and capabilities.

The platform is available through online browser or mobile app, making it a simple alternative for users who wish to edit and improve photographs while on the go.

Features of Fotor AI tool – Transform images with Fotor AI tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – Fotor AI is a feature-rich picture editor with a wide variety of editing options. Among the features are:

  1. Fotor employs artificial intelligence technologies to enhance your photographs with a single click.
  2. It has a number of text and graphics choices for adding a personal touch to your images.
  3. You can generate gorgeous collages from your images with Fotor’s collage creator.
  4. Fotor allows you to crop and resize your photographs, allowing you to fit your photos to different platforms.
  5. This incredible AI technology includes a 360-degree picture editing tool that allows you to make your photographs interactive.

How To Transform Images With Fotor AI Tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – In this section, we will walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to transform images with Fotor AI tool. Let’s kick-start…

Step #1: Go to the Fotor website

Go to the Fotor official website and click on the “Edit a Photo” option to begin utilizing the Fotor AI tool.

This will bring you to the Fotor editing page, where you can start changing your photographs.

Step #2: Upload your image

When you’re on the Fotor editing screen, click the “Open” button to choose an image to convert.

You may select an image from your PC or from other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step #3: Choose the AI tool

After you’ve submitted your image, go to the top of the website and select the “Beauty” button.

This will open a drop-down menu with several AI tools for transforming your image.

Step #4: Select the AI tool you want to use

Select the AI tool you wish to use to change your image from the drop-down menu.

Fotor provides a variety of AI products, including “Portrait Enhancement,” “Background Remover,” “Artificial Intelligence Photo Effects,” and many others.

Step #5: Adjust the settings

After you’ve chosen the AI tool, you may tweak the parameters to your desire.

If you use the “Portrait Enhancement” tool, for example, you may change the settings for skin smoothing, eye expansion, and other aspects.

Step #6: Apply the changes

After you’ve tweaked the parameters to your desire, click the “Apply” button to save your changes.

By clicking the “Compare” button, you may see the changes before implementing them.

Step #7: Save your image

When you’re happy with the modifications you’ve made to your image, click the “Save” button to save the altered version.

You may save the image to your computer or to other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Pros of Fotor AI tool – Transform images with Fotor AI tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – Below are some pros of Fotor AI tool:

  1. The Fotor AI tool provides a clear and straightforward design that allows users to easily explore and use its functions.
  2. Its editing environment includes a variety of editing tools, such as simple picture changes, complex editing options, and AI-powered effects.
  3. It includes AI-powered capabilities including AI portrait improvement, AI sky replacement, and AI background removal, which may save users time and effort while editing photographs.

Cons of Fotor AI tool – Transform images with Fotor AI tool

When you choose to transform images with Fotor AI tool, you should be aware that it also has some demerits. Here are some cons we noticed in Fotor AI tool:

  1. While the AI tool has a wide selection of filters and editing tools, some users may find the customizing possibilities to be restricted.
  2. The watermark on the free edition of the Fotor AI tool may be erased by subscribing to the commercial version.
  3. The Fotor AI tool has a lot of functions, but learning how to utilize them successfully might take some time.

Conclusion – Transform images with Fotor AI tool

Transform images with Fotor AI tool – To summarize, converting photographs using the Fotor AI tool is a rapid and simple procedure that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Fotor is a terrific tool for anybody wishing to change their photographs, thanks to its extensive capabilities and simple design.


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