Marvel INU Token Airdrop

Marvel INU Token Airdrop: Get 100,000,000 $MAV Now [Detailed]

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Marvel INU Token Airdrop – We have gotten another legit Airdrop that will get you connected once this cryptocurrency enters the coin market.

What are you still waiting for before claiming your Marvel INU Token Airdrop that is worth over $230?

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In this guide, we’ll give you detailed info on the proper steps you need to follow before claiming your Airdrop.

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What is Marvel INU Token?

Marvel INU Token is simply a meme-like token that was developed for charity purposes. $MAV which is their currency involves NFTs, video games, etc.

What to expect in Marvel INU Token Airdrop

  1. Available total supply of 100,000,000
  2. Possible release date: 20th February till …
  3. Launch time: 24 hours when presale is over
  4. What to expect after its launch: NFT, video games, mini swap, etc.
  5. They may likely lock LP for a period of 1 year

MARVEL INU Contract Address


Marvel INU Token Airdrop contact info

Website URL:

Telegram channel:

Twitter handle:

What to expect after claiming your reward

  1. You will receive 100 INU as a welcome bonus
  2. They will reward you with 30 INU for each user you refer
  3. Airdrop token will end by 25 February (for phase 1) and distribution of Airdrop reward will begin by ending of February till ending of March.
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How to Join Marvel INU Airdrop Reward

Note: to be eligible for the Airdrop, make sure to complete all the tasks below.

  1. Join their telegram channel
  2. Also join their Telegram community
  3. Follow their official Twitter page
  4. Retweet, like, comment, and share their recent posts
  5. Search for their pinned post and comment on it
  6. When you’re done, submit your Bep20 wallet address to their team

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