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[REVEALED] 20 Enchanting Mythology Baby Names and Their Meanings

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Mythology Baby Names – Choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy is an exciting and meaningful endeavor.

Mythology offers a treasure trove of unique and enchanting names, each carrying a rich history and captivating meaning.

In this blog post, JonakyBlog will explore 20 captivating mythology baby names from different cultures around the world, delving into their origins and the fascinating stories behind them.

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Top 20 Enchanting Mythology Baby Names and Their Fascinating Meanings

#1. Athena (Greek) – Mythology Baby Names

Meaning “goddess of wisdom and warfare,” Athena was a prominent deity in ancient Greek mythology, known for her intelligence and strength.

#2. Odin (Norse) – Mythology Baby Names

Derived from Norse mythology, Odin means “fury” or “ecstasy.” Odin was the supreme god and the ruler of Asgard in Norse mythology.

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#3. Freya (Norse) – Mythology Baby Names

Also from Norse mythology, Freya signifies “lady” or “noblewoman.” Freya was a goddess associated with love, beauty, and fertility.

#4. Apollo (Greek) – Mythology Baby Names

Meaning “god of music, prophecy, and healing,” Apollo was a multifaceted deity in Greek mythology, revered for his artistic and healing abilities.

#5. Persephone (Greek) – Mythology Baby Names

Derived from Greek mythology, Persephone represents “bringer of destruction.” She was the goddess of the underworld and the queen of the dead.

#6. Thor (Norse) – Mythology Baby Names

Meaning “thunder,” Thor was a mighty god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology, renowned for his strength and bravery.

#7. Aurora (Roman) – Mythology Baby Names

Derived from Roman mythology, Aurora signifies “dawn.” Aurora was the goddess of the dawn, symbolizing the start of a new day.

#8. Freyr (Norse)

Meaning “lord,” Freyr was a Norse god associated with fertility, prosperity, and peace.

#9. Daphne (Greek)

In Greek mythology, Daphne means “laurel tree.” Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree by the gods to escape the advances of Apollo.

#10. Hermes (Greek)

Signifying “messenger of the gods,” Hermes was a god in Greek mythology, known for his swiftness and wit.

#11. Luna (Roman)

Derived from Roman mythology, Luna means “moon.” Luna was the goddess of the moon, representing its ethereal beauty and mysterious allure.

#12. Orion (Greek)

Meaning “hunter,” Orion was a legendary hunter in Greek mythology, later transformed into a constellation.

#13. Selene (Greek)

Derived from Greek mythology, Selene signifies “moon.” Selene was the goddess of the moon and a symbol of lunar radiance.

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#14. Loki (Norse)

Meaning “trickster,” Loki was a mischievous god in Norse mythology, often involved in various pranks and adventures.

#15. Ishtar (Babylonian)

Derived from Babylonian mythology, Ishtar represents “goddess of love and fertility,” associated with passion and desire.

#16. Ares (Greek)

Meaning “god of war,” Ares was a powerful and formidable god in Greek mythology, embodying the spirit of battle and courage.

#17. Morrigan (Celtic)

In Celtic mythology, Morrigan signifies “phantom queen.” She was a powerful and shape-shifting goddess associated with fate and war.

#18. Atalanta (Greek)

Meaning “equal in weight,” Atalanta was a swift and fearless huntress in Greek mythology, known for her agility and strength.

#19. Eros (Greek)

Derived from Greek mythology, Eros represents “god of love and desire,” associated with passion and romantic connections.

#20. Rama (Hindu)

In Hindu mythology, Rama signifies “pleasing” or “charming.” Rama was a divine prince and the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu.


Mythology baby names offer an enchanting glimpse into the diverse and captivating world of ancient cultures.

From the wisdom of Athena to the strength of Thor, each name carries a unique history and significance.

As you choose the perfect name for your little one, may these mythology-inspired names spark your imagination and resonate with the qualities you hope to see in your child.

Embrace the timeless allure of mythology as you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood, bestowing upon your baby a name that is steeped in mythical charm and meaningful symbolism.