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[UPDATED] Top 15 Programming Podcasts Every Developer Should Tune Into

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Programming Podcasts – As a programmer, staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices is crucial to your success.

One convenient way to keep your knowledge up-to-date is by tuning into programming podcasts.

In this blog post, JonakyBlog will explore the 15 best programming podcasts that offer insightful discussions, expert interviews, and valuable insights to help you level up your programming skills.

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Top 15 Programming Podcasts Every Developer Should Tune Into

1. Developer Tea – Programming Podcasts

Hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, Developer Tea offers short, daily episodes covering a wide range of topics related to software development, productivity, and personal growth.

2. CodeNewbie – Programming Podcasts

CodeNewbie, hosted by Saron Yitbarek, focuses on the stories of people who are new to coding and tech.

It’s a great resource for beginners looking for inspiration and advice.

3. Software Engineering Daily – Programming Podcasts

With in-depth interviews and discussions, Software Engineering Daily covers a broad spectrum of topics in software engineering, from AI and machine learning to cloud computing.

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4. The Changelog – Programming Podcasts

The Changelog podcast provides insightful conversations about open-source software, programming languages, and tools that developers use to build and create.

5. ShopTalk Show

Hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, ShopTalk Show is a podcast about web design and front-end development, covering everything from CSS to JavaScript frameworks.

6. CodePen Radio

CodePen Radio is the podcast version of the popular CodePen platform.

It delves into web development topics, creative coding, and the community’s latest creations.

7. Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown, hosted by Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci, covers various programming languages, libraries, and concepts in a fun and informative way.

8. The Software Engineering Radio

This podcast features in-depth discussions on software engineering topics, including architecture, testing, design patterns, and more.

9. CodeWinds Podcast

Hosted by Mike Roberts, the CodeWinds Podcast focuses on JavaScript, web development, and software architecture, providing practical insights and tips.

10. Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks is a podcast that delves deep into coding topics, algorithms, design patterns, and software development principles.

11. The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed, hosted by thoughtbot developers, covers various aspects of programming, development tools, and best practices.

12. Hanselminutes

Scott Hanselman hosts Hanselminutes, featuring conversations about technology, programming, and software development trends.

13. Software Engineering Unlocked

Dr. McKayla is the host of Software Engineering Unlocked, where she discusses software engineering practices, career advice, and industry insights.

14. The Ruby Rogues

If you’re a Ruby developer, The Ruby Rogues podcast is a must-listen.

It covers Ruby programming, frameworks, and community discussions.

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15. Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio, hosted by Adam Wathan, focuses on web development, design, and user experience, providing practical insights for both frontend and backend developers.


Listening to programming podcasts is a convenient and effective way to stay informed and inspired in the ever-evolving world of software development.

With the diverse range of topics and hosts, you’re sure to find podcasts that resonate with your interests and goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these 15 programming podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights to help you excel in your programming journey.

So, grab your headphones and start tuning in to learn, grow, and stay connected with the programming community.