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How to setup Foremedia Ads on WordPress [Beginners Guide]

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Foremedia which is recommended as the best Google Adsense alternative has been trending all over the internet so I decided to share with you how to setup Foremedia ads on WordPress.

From our observation, Foremedia are reselling Google Adsense ads. So publishers should not expect to earn the same amount that other publishers that are using Google Adsesne supposed to earn.

We noticed that many site owners has been rejected by Google Adsense either for invalid clicks or maybe their website violates Adsense policies.

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In this article I’ll show you how to setup foremedia ads on WordPress and get approved within three (3) days, all for free.

Ads.TXT setup – Setup Foremedia Ads

e recommend using plugin to insert the ads.txt file in your WordPress website.

To do this, go to Plugins > Add New > search for Ads.txt Manager, install and activate the plugin.

ads.txt manager

When you login to your Foremedia dashboard, click on Get ADS.TXT.

A pop up will open, click on Copy code snippet to copy your ADS.TXT file

ads.txt code

Now go to your WordPress dashboard > settings > Ads.txt and paste the Ads.txt file you copied from Foremedia.

Click on save changes. On saving it, you’ll encounter some warnings. Below shows how the warning will look like.

Your Ads.txt contains the following issues:

? Line 658: engageadx does not appear to be a valid exchange domain

☑ Line 659: engageadx does not appear to be a valid exchange domain

✰ Line 660: 80media does not appear to be a valid exchange domain

? Line 661: 80media does not appear to be a valid exchange domain

Make sure to click on the check box that says – “Update anyway, even though it may adversely affect your ads?”

setup foremedia on wordpress - setup

Now click on Save Changes and your changes will be saved.

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Analytics Setup – Setup Foremedia Ads

We recommend that you should install this plugin → Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner.

In order to achieve this, from your WordPress dashboard > go to > settings > Plugins > Add New > then search for Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner.

Install and activate the plugin.

herader footer plugin

From your Foremedia dashboard, click on “Business Manager”.

When you click on it, a pop up will be opened. Click on “Copy code snippet” to copy the script code.

script code

Now locate where the “Insert header and footer” plugin is located, probably inside settings and paste the code you just copied in the header section of the plugin. See image below

Don’t forget to click on Save.

setup foremedia on wordpress - plugin display

Payments – Setup Foremedia Ads

In your Foremedia dashboard, click on Payments.

They will direct you to another page, click on “Add Payment” and select either Bank Transfer or PayPal.

In this place you have to fill in your payment details and click Save.

Foremedia team will now review your application within 7 business days and send you an email if you have been approved.

Image below shows how your Foremedia dashboard will look like if you followed the steps above.

foremedia approved


If you followed all the steps carefully, they will approve your website within 3 days (72 hours).

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