Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

[UPDATED] Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads: How to Take Control of Your Gaming Experience

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Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads – The Microsoft Store is a digital marketplace that offers a wide array of applications and games for Windows users.

While it provides a convenient platform to discover and download games, some users find the presence of game ads intrusive and disruptive.

These ads can appear in various forms, such as banners and pop-ups, diverting your attention from the task at hand.

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In this guide, JonakyBlog will explore effective methods to stop Microsoft Store game ads and regain control of your gaming experience.

Understand the Types of Ads

Before we delve into solutions, it’s essential to recognize the different types of ads present in the Microsoft Store.

#1. Promoted Listings

These ads appear in the form of sponsored content at the top of search results, highlighting specific games or applications.

#2. Recommendations

Microsoft Store may recommend games or apps based on your browsing and download history, which can also appear as ads.

#3. Pop-up Banners

Intrusive pop-up banners promoting games can appear while you’re navigating through the store.

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Disable Personalized Ads

Microsoft tracks your activity to personalize the ads you see. Disabling personalized ads can limit the relevance and frequency of ads.

Solution: Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

  1. Open “Settings” on your Windows PC and select “Privacy.”
  2. Under “General,” find the option “Let apps use advertising ID to make ads more interesting to you” and toggle it off.

Turn Off “Start” Suggestions

Windows 10 introduces “Start” suggestions, which may display recommendations for apps and games in your Start menu.

Solution: Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

  1. Head to “Settings” and select “Personalization.”
  2. Click on “Start” in the left menu and toggle off “Show suggestions occasionally in Start.”

Limit App and Game Notifications

Microsoft Store notifications can sometimes include game ads. Controlling these notifications can reduce ad exposure.

Solution: Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “System.”
  2. Click on “Notifications & actions” and manage app and game notifications to limit or turn them off.

Block In-App Advertising

Some games may display ads while you’re playing. By blocking in-app advertising, you can enhance your gaming experience.

Solution: Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

  1. Open the “Microsoft Store” app on your PC.
  2. Search for “In-App Advertising” and download the free “In-App Advertising Control” app.
  3. Launch the app and enable the toggle switch to block in-app ads.

Use Third-Party Ad Blockers

For a more comprehensive approach, consider using third-party ad blockers that work across various applications.

Solution: Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

  1. Install reputable ad-blocking software compatible with Microsoft Store, such as AdGuard or uBlock Origin.
  2. Configure the ad blocker’s settings to target ads in the Microsoft Store.
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Conclusion – Stopping Microsoft Store Game Ads

Enjoying a seamless gaming experience without constant game ads is possible by implementing the methods discussed above.

By disabling personalized ads, turning off “Start” suggestions, managing notifications, blocking in-app advertising, and using third-party ad blockers, you can reclaim control over your Microsoft Store and focus on discovering and enjoying the games that truly matter to you.

Say goodbye to intrusive ads and embrace uninterrupted gaming pleasure on your Windows PC!