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[Updated] Tedddby Activator V5.1 – Free Download of Crack iOS 14.8

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Tedddby Activator download – Tedddby activator as many of us know is a lite windows program that is available for everyone.

In as much as Tedddby activator is an iCloud bypass tool, it supports all iOS versions including 14 and 12; also, it ranges from iPhone x and phone eight-plus No Meid.

Tedddby activator being one of the best activation tools, helps GSM devices to have optimal performance in certain cases.

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Definition: Tedddby activator is one of the most popular premium tool for iCloud activation bypass that has full support for lots of features such as calls, data, notification, etc. Also, users can be able to fix the blank app after their iCloud bypass.

Perhaps, when you have finished the iCloud bypass and activated it, you will be able to add a new icloud account with ease without having challenges or any internal error during the process.

You should as well be aware that these tool works perfectly even without passing through the whole installation process. On the other hand, these tool has optimal performance on icloud bypass on different iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

Moreover, if it happens that your iOS device is Meid, we recommend that you use AZE Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool.

These tool is quite free and it supports all iOS devices ranging from 14 to 12. Also, it is a lite windows program and does not require the user to register the device serial numbers. It is quite a free icloud bypass tool.

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On the other hand, for you to effectively use this tool, you need to jailbreak your iPhone device by using checkra1n, then you can now use tedddby activator tool to icloud bypass.

When you have done this, tedddby activator tool will effectively work on both iPad and iPhone iOS devices.

However, if the iOS device has locke dits password lock, you as the user at this moment will need to factory reset the device that you used to download the IPWS file and use iTunes or 3utools before you can be able to restore the iOS device.

As at the time of writing, tadddby activator is frequently undergoing frequent update.

How you can bypass the iCloud activation lock – Tedddby Activator downlaod

  1. Before you get started, we recommend that you jailbreak the iOS device by using Checkra1n windows os.
  2. You will need to download the tedddby activator tool and carefully register your serial numbers.
  3. Navigate to teddby activator website when you have established a connection between the iOS device.
  4. Click “activate” on the tedddby activator tool and wait patiently until the whole process has finished.

Free video tutorial on how to use Tedddby Activator


How to Jailbreak – Tedddby Activator downlaod

Download checkra1n os and ensure that you use a bootable flash drive.

Next connect it to your windows PC. Turn the PC off and turn it on later. While it is on booting, press f9 or ESC button keys in your PC button keys.

Next select flash drive boot from your screen and follow the necessary instructions on your screen.

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Download – Tedddby Activator download


Register your serial number

Access to Direct Link


Access to Premium icloud bypass tool

Quite easy to use



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