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Cryptocurrency Predictions: Top 10 Cryptocurrency Predictions

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Towards the end of last year, there were a lot of cryptocurrency predictions for the next year to come.

As of quarter 4 of last year, several trends and cryptocurrency predictions were flagged as investors are already mapping out there a target for the upcoming year.

The growth of cryptocurrency this year is quite mind-blowing. As of late January, the price of almost all the cryptos started retarding.

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Although at the time of writing, they are gaining some substantial stability in the exchange platforms.

As cryptocurrency is highly volatile, cryptocurrency predictions are not always accurate.

This is because even when predictors have finished analyzing its trends, rate of purchase and sales, etc. they still do not meet up with the accurate cryptocurrency predictions.

Continue reading below to see the top 10 cryptocurrency predictions

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Predictions

Below are the most documented 10 Cryptocurrency Predictions:

#1. Elon Musk may mislead people that are new to cryptocurrncy

Elon Musk one of the most influential business gurus may likely mislead some people that are quite new to the crypto platform.

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He may end up claiming that he is Satoshi regardless that he doesn’t even have “proof-of-work”

#2. Eth2 is likely going to arrive

Ethereum transition is likely going to step forward before the end of the year as the newly coined PoS Beacon Chain may join with the on-ground PoW Chain

Moreover, this noticeable transition may likely take some months before it will be applicable.

Concerning the cryptocurrency predictions, Ethereum is likely going to scale through this year.

#3. A lot of token keeps unlinking

As there are several cryptos in the coin market today, the majority of them are fighting to bite the price of Bitcoin.

Although Bitcoin is the king of crypto as of now; from analysis and cryptocurrency predictions, there are other newly emerged coins that are ready to surpass Bitcoin.

#4. The mining of Bitcoin may reduce

The next big thing that is planned to happen to Bitcoin according to cryptocurrency predictions is that the mining rate of Bitcoin is likely going to be reduced.

Moreover, some countries have started banning the mining of Bitcoin in their nations.

#5. The inflation concerning Bitcoin may be tested at the long run

Several reports from cryptocurrency predictions have shown that there may be inflation against Bitcoin this year.

As an investor, consider all this before purchasing some token of the cryptocurrency king – which is Bitcoin

#6. Crypto meme coins may be wipped out

As the majority of cryptocurrency today started as casino games where users can play assorted games and purchase some tokens on the game, some unpopular casinos are likely going to be phased out.

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Research from cryptocurrency predictions proves that coins like Shibi Inu will likely boom as this is trending crypto in the market.

#7. More crypto are going to be announced

Whether there are over a hundred trusted cryptocurrency tokens in the coin market, more are going to be announced as the old ones are more likely to get popular.

These cryptocurrency predictions were culled from in-depth research that gurus in the crypto platform released to the crypto community.

#8. Inflation may hit USD

As the year has started, cryptocurrency predictions leaked a hidden secret that may likely cause inflation to hit USD.

In some countries, inflation has hit their commodities even while the year is just starting.

#9. Regulatory system may hit stablecoins

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is likely going to impose some regulations over the stablecoins that are in the crypto space today.

Moreover, as these coins are being regulated, their volatility will be reduced and people can trust them more while trading.

#10. Bitcoin will be accepted in several nations

Bitcoin being the king of crypto has been implemented by so many nations, but that’s not enough.

From cryptocurrency predictions, Bitcoin is going to be adopted by several nations this year.