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[SOLVED] Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor: Ultimate Solution

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Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor – Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action RPG from the creators of Dark Souls and George R.R. Martin, has taken the gaming world by storm with its immersive world and challenging gameplay.

As players delve into the vast landscapes of the Lands Between, they may encounter occasional technical issues.

One such issue that some players have reported is the game crashing when equipping modded armor.

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In this guide, JonakyBlog will explore the possible reasons behind this crash and provide effective solutions to help you overcome this obstacle and continue your epic adventure without interruption.

Understanding the Problem: Modded Armor and Game Crashes

The Elden Ring community is incredibly creative, and players have developed numerous mods that add new armors, weapons, and features to the game.

While modding can enhance the gaming experience, it may sometimes lead to compatibility issues and crashes.

Crashing when equipping modded armor is a prevalent problem, wherein the game fails to handle the changes introduced by the mod, resulting in instability and crashes.

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Fix No. 1: Mod Conflicts and Incompatibility

One of the primary reasons behind the crash is mod conflicts and incompatibility.

If multiple mods alter the same game files or introduce changes that the game engine cannot handle, crashes are bound to occur, especially when equipping modded armor.

Solution: Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor

  1. Carefully read the mod descriptions and user comments to check for potential conflicts with other mods.
  2. Try disabling other mods and test the game with only the armor mod active to isolate the issue.

Fix No. 2: Game Version and Mod Compatibility

Elden Ring receives regular updates and patches from the developers, and these updates can sometimes affect the functionality of mods.

If your mod armor is not compatible with the current game version, it can lead to crashes when trying to equip it.

Solution: Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor

  1. Check the mod’s page or forum thread for updates or patches that ensure compatibility with the latest game version.
  2. If no update is available, consider reverting your game to a previous version to use the mod without crashing. Be cautious when doing this, as it might affect your save files or multiplayer features.

Fix No. 3: Mod Installation Errors

Improper installation of mods can cause crashes in Elden Ring.

If mod files are placed in the wrong directories or essential files are missing, the game’s stability may be compromised.

Solution: Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor

  1. Double-check the installation instructions provided by the mod author and follow them precisely.
  2. Use a mod manager or installer tool, if available, to ensure a smooth and error-free installation.
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Fix No. 4: Verify Game Files

If the issue persists even after checking for conflicts and ensuring compatibility, it’s possible that corrupted game files are causing the crashes when equipping modded armor.

Solution: Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor

  1. Use the platform’s (e.g., Steam, GOG) game file verification feature to check for corrupted or missing game files.
  2. If any issues are detected, allow the platform to repair or redownload the affected files.

Conclusion – Elden Ring Crashing When Equipping Mod Armor

Elden Ring’s modding community is a testament to the game’s lasting appeal and creative potential.

However, crashing when equipping modded armor can be a frustrating experience.

By understanding the potential causes and implementing the solutions provided, you can enjoy a stable and enriching modded experience in the Lands Between.

Remember to be cautious when using mods and always ensure compatibility with the game’s current version.

With the right approach and a bit of troubleshooting, you can continue your epic journey in Elden Ring, adorned in unique and exciting modded armors. Happy gaming!