Top 10 Features Of Android 9 Operating System (Pie)

Features of Android 9 Operating System

Features of Android 9 Operating System – Android 9, often known as Android Pie, is the Android smartphone operating system’s ninth major version.

Google launched it on August 6, 2018, and it added various new features and enhancements to the previous operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo.

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The new gesture navigation system, which allows users to move around the operating system using swipes and gestures rather than traditional navigation buttons, is one of the primary features of Android 9.

The operating system also added a new system-wide dark mode, which helps decrease eye strain and save battery life on OLED-display devices.

Top 10 Features of Android 9 Operating System

Below are the core Features of Android 9 Operating System:

#1. Navigation and Gestures

Android 9 introduces a new gesture-based navigation mechanism.

Instead of typical navigation buttons, users may now go home by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, slide up and hold to open recent applications, and swipe back from the right side of the screen.

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This new navigation system gives a more natural and smooth experience, especially on large-screen devices.

#2. Digital Wellbeing – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Android 9 has a new feature called Digital Wellbeing that helps users better understand and manage their smartphone usage.

It has a dashboard that shows users their usage habits, such as how much time they spend on different applications and how many alerts they get.

It also allows users to set app timings and device restrictions to help them control their smartphone usage and avoid smartphone addiction.

#3. App Actions

Another new feature in Android 9 is App Actions, which employs machine learning to forecast what users are likely to do next based on their environment and use history.

If a user connects in their headphones, Android may advise that they launch their favorite music app.

This function enables users to do activities more swiftly and efficiently.

#4. Slices – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Slices is an Android 9 feature that enables developers to give a smaller version of their app within the Google Search experience.

For example, without opening the app, a user may search for a ride-sharing service and see the anticipated fee and time to their location.

#5. Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery is a new feature in Android 9 that utilizes machine learning to forecast which applications a user will use and minimizes the battery consumption of apps that will not be utilized.

This increases battery life and improves device performance.

#6. Adaptive Brightness – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Another new feature in Android 9 is adaptive brightness, which employs machine learning to understand a user’s preferences for screen brightness in different lighting circumstances.

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Based on these choices, the function automatically changes the screen brightness, delivering a more customized experience.

#7. Improved Security

Features of Android 9 Operating System – Android 9 adds a new lockdown mode that disables biometric authentication and conceals all alerts on the lock screen, among other security enhancements.

This aids in the prevention of illegal access to sensitive information.

#8. Display Cutout Support – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Android 9 adds support for display cutout devices, allowing app developers to take use of the extra screen space while maintaining a uniform user experience across devices.

#9. New Emojis – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Android 9 contains a slew of new emojis, including new faces, animals, and objects, giving consumers a more diversified and expressive set of possibilities.

#10. Amazing Interface

As we all know, Android 9 has a sweet interface which makes it more preferred when compared with other older Android versions.

Conclusion – Features of Android 9 Operating System

Features of Android 9 Operating System – Finally, Android 9 offered numerous major innovations and upgrades that improve user experience, device speed, and security.

A new navigation system, Digital Wellbeing, App Actions, Slices, Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, Improved Security, Display Cutout Support, and new emojis are among the new features.


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