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How To Fill W-8BEN Tax Form For All Affiliate Networks [Beginners]

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Here I’ll teach you how to fill W-8BEN Tax Form which is mandatory for every non U.S citizens while registering with affiliate networks.

If you’re a newbie who recently joined some affiliate programs like: Bluehost affiliate program, DreamHost affiliate program, ShareASale affiliate program, Commission Junction (CJ) and you’re finding it difficult to fill your W-8BEN affiliate Tax Form, you’re in the right place.

I’ve prepared this guide to help newbie affiliate marketers to be able to complete their non US citizen tax form.

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Affiliate marketers who enrolled for affiliate programs on different affiliate platforms but are not staying in United States needs to fill up and complete a form called W-8BEN.

W-8BEN is a Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding that will certify an individual non-American status.

Some affiliate program like Bluehost pay $65 per sale, while others even pay higher than this.

Affiliate program like ShareASale pay $30 per lead – This means that every successful user that registers with ShareASale affiliate program through your link and got approved, you’ll earn $30.

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I’m going to show you how to fill up the W-8BEN form comfortably so that you will proceed to complete your payment settings.

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Also the manual instruction on how to properly fill W-8BEN form will be provided as well.

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How to fill W-8BEN affiliate tax form

For every affiliate program you registered with, before you can be able to add your payments details, you’ll be requested to fill your tax form.

Affiliate programs usually provide two tax form

  • W-9 form: For US citizens or business entities
  • W-8BEN form: For non U.S. Persons

In this guide, I’ll focus on how you can successfully fill W-8BEN affiliate tax form which is for non U.S persons.

  1. Select that you’re a non U.S person
  2. Fill out W-8BEN form

For proper guide that will assist you to fill this form properly, download W-8BEN PDF here.

To view manual instruction on how to fill W-8BEN affiliate tax form, download manual instruction here.

Now you can start filling your details like: name, address, etc.

How to get your employer identification number (EIN) for Affiliate Tax form

Most people use to get confused on what they should fill in the EIN number field.

In order to get your EIN number, kindly fill any 9 digit numbers in the field provided.

When all the mandatory fields have been filled, you can successfully submit your tax form. That’s all.


With this guide, you can successfully fill non U.S tax form for every affiliate program or other programs that are not affiliate marketing oriented.

The W-8BEN form works best for people that are not living in U.S.

I’ll be glad if you have any idea to share about filling this W-8BEN tax form. Use the comment section to give us a feedback.

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