Motorola Edge X30 Pro

Motorola Edge X30 Pro: Motorola will be reporting the Razr 2022 and Edge X30 Pro in the first week of August

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Motorola Edge X30 Pro – Motorola Razr foldable a.k.a Razr 2022, will be launched by August. Check out its beautiful features.

Motorola revealed that the next Razr foldable smartphone would be released by 2 August 2022.

The next Razr foldable smartphone launch will be merged with the Motorola Edge X30 Pro launch event.

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Moreover, the launching event will hold in China; however, the new X30 Pro, which was meant to be announced long ago, was rebranded, and the new Motorola Edge X30 Ultra.

Perhaps, as this information was rumored, there are still chances that the new Motorola X30 Pro will be launched in another region besides China.

However, following the previous analytics about the foldable Razr line from Motorola, there are high chances that the launch of Motorola Edge X30 Pro will be launched in China.

Meanwhile, this new product needs to be launched at its headquarters. This means the Motorola X30 Ultra has over 90% chance of appearing in China first.

Overview and features of Motorola Edge X30 Pro

This device, also known as Motorola Razr 2022, is another sleek product from Motorola designed by its predecessors.

As announced, being a hi-tech device, the Motorola Edge X30 Pro will be powered by the latest processor from Qualcomm’s technology.

The Qualcomm’s will come alongside the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, which will power other chipsets.

Perhaps, this is an improvement from the older 7-series chips that other older Motorola Razrs have.

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Though not released, the Razr was rumored to have a 6.7-inch 120 Hz inner screen that will also come with a 3″ outer screen.

Furthermore, this device will probably come with a dual rear camera system with a 50 MP primary sensor, a 13 MP ultrawide for the rear camera, and another AI-based 32 MP selfie sensor.

This device is quite one of the latest devices to be announced that will feature the latest technology as of 2022.

However, this fantastic device (Edge X30 Pro / Edge 30 Ultra) was rumored to be listed among the 2022 smartphones in the globe that will feature Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 200 MP camera sensor, the AI-based 50 MP ultrawide camera, and another 12 MP 2x which is designed explicitly for telephoto.

Other information gotten from the press release reveals that the Edge Pro will be powered with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 at the helm and also a 6.67-inch 144 Hz P-OLED curved touchscreen.

Also, it will come with either 8 or 12GB RAM that will work in hand with the 128/256GB of storage mapped storage for this device.

Its selfie camera is expected to be 60 MP, leveraging these fantastic features.

Regarding its longevity, this phone is designed to have a 4,500 mAh battery with 125W wired charging and another 50W wireless charging if you wish to charge the device wirelessly, probably if the socket is far from where you are operating the machine.

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