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Paycheck stub – Read all you need to know about paycheck stub

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Have you been searching to know what paycheck stub is all about? Do you want to know what you can do with your paycheck stub?

Then you have to find yourself in the right place. In this article, I will explain what a paycheck stub is, as well as how you can create one for your employee or nearby company to where you can sell your ideas to.

Although paycheck is not majorly used today, as the world is greatly advancing to the modern technology that is fast improving.

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From the time that electronic direct deposits emerged, the demand for paycheck stubs reduced because everybody aligned to the easy money transfer methods.

Although some companies and organizations still make use of paycheck stubs to process their employee’s payments in a clear and well-detailed format.

As different countries have rules and regulations that govern them, any country that is using paycheck for payment transactions must consider and include these rules in their payslip.

What is a paycheck stub?

Paycheck contains enough details that describe the reason for the payment, deduction of taxes, date, and accrued details for the payment for which paycheck is being used.

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Technology advancement also made fraud that many companies experienced in the past when they issue a paycheck to their employees.

All the employees have to do in this digital world is either to submit their direct bank details or to give the company his direct deposit digital address such as PayPal, Payoneer, and so many others.

Companies can now pay a good number of employees using some advanced features in the direct digital deposits.

What can I find in a paycheck stub?

The paycheck stub contains all the necessary information that describes the payment being issued to the employee.

The hours that the employee worked, the wages earned during work hours and periods, the taxes that were deducted from his wages for some time, and the year-to-date payroll.

paycheck stub

The pay stub is mainly on paper material but since the electronic direct deposit started, most of the pay stubs are delivered electronically, unless if there is a major need for it to be printed out.

Currently, the direct electronic deposit is phasing out the paycheck stub method which was originally used to issue payments to employees.

Although pay stub has some features that will prove to people how the organization or company makes payment in a well-detailed form.

The direct deposit most times do not contain a depth description of the payment; it mainly contains the reason why the payment is issued.

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Pay stubs help to eliminate fraud since payments are being made physically to the employee.

Can I make my pay stub?

One can freely and legally create their pay stub through the use of a paycheck stub maker and customizing it to suit the purpose of their creation.

In as much as individuals are legally free to create their custom check stub, they must abide by their countries rules and regulations that govern money issuing.

Any individual who wishes to generate a fake paycheck stub to fraud individuals and companies will be caught up under the countries sovereign authority.

What is a pay stub vs paycheck?

A paycheck is usually a written document (normally on paper) that displays or shows an employee’s payment details for some time.

In most places, a paycheck is called a pay stub or payslips as well.

Paychecks are meant to be printed out on paper for clear clarification. Unfortunately, direct deposits to banks are almost facing out paycheck stubs, thereby reducing some paycheck stubs that are meant to be printed as a document.

How to read Pay Stub with a sample Paycheck

Video below explained how you can read your Pay Stub with a sample Paycheck

Can you go to jail for fake pay stubs?

Creating fake pay stubs is illegal and using the fake pay stub as a document to claim grants or loans in your country may end you up in jail.

As countries are very strict with the issue of fraud against their citizens. Doing this is by default an illegal action on its own.

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Is making a fake pay stub illegal?

Anything that is not representing the original picture of any payment is considered to be fake.

Making a fake pay stub – either by producing it or by selling it to people is prohibited by all the countries in the world.

If the government of your country finds out that you’re involved in such an act, you won’t go unpunished for the offense.


Paycheck stub has served for a long time as a genuine way of showing employee’s their payment details and how taxes and some other deduction are being calculated before their payment is issued to them.

Though technology is almost facing out the use of paper-printed paycheck stubs.