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Top 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users [Detailed]

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Blockchain Games by Number of Users – Blockchain games are not just fantastic alone but it’s gradually changing the world by setting a new standard for gamers and also releasing more opportunities for game lovers to earn more income.

One of the amazing features of blockchain games is their token economics.

This feature allows gamers (players) to earn tokens in the form of rewards when they complete certain goals in the game or probably for participating in in-game ecosystem governance (DAO).

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Meanwhile, a blockchain game is a game that is created using blockchain technology. The majority of blockchain games are hosted within the blockchain platform.

Here the copies of each blockchain game are not owned by an individual but by a whole lot of systems that are handling the game.

Moreover, blockchain games require smart contracts; being the digital contracts that oversight the majority of operations that are performed on the blockchain.

Some of the pros of blockchain games are that tokens can be used to buy, sell, or create digital assets, security and transparency provided by a blockchain, their games are of high quality and very entertaining, etc.

We have culled the top 10 blockchain games by several users from DappRadar which has the best performance in a month at the time of writing.

Top 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Below are the top highly rated 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users as of today:

  1. Alien Worlds
  2. Splinterlands
  3. Upland
  4. MOBOX: NFT Farmer
  5. Pegaxy
  6. Bomb Crypto
  7. Farmers World
  8. Sunflower Land
  9. DeFi Kingdoms
  10. SecondLive

#1. PancakeSwap – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

PancakeSwap is quite a popular blockchain game that has fantastic game features and it has diverse ways that players can earn crypto while playing it.

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Of the top 10 blockchain games by some users, PancakeSwap ranks #1 and it has hundreds of tokens, yield farming, liquidity pools, and so many other features.

The crypto that users earn while playing the PancakeSwap game can be transferred at lower fees and with amazing transaction speed. This is possible because PancakeSwap is a DEX that is built on Binance Smart Chain.

By default, PancakeSwap uses the BEP-20 token which is gotten from

Moreover, PancakeSwap players Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which enables players to utilize other tokens through the Binance Bridge while playing the game and this is possible by wrapping those tokens as a BEP-20 token.

#2. Alien World – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Alien Worlds is another quickly developing battling blockchain game that empowers clients to mine and procure tokens while playing the game.

Alien Worlds permits its players to take an interest in DAO administration in the DeFi meta-universe and furthermore you can purchase and possess the land in the game. You can too gather lease while playing Alien Worlds.

From DappRadar positioning for blockchain games as per the number of clients, Alien Worlds positions #2 from our 30 days list sort.

Alien Worlds is a Smart Chain blockchain that was based on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance stages.

Over the long haul, it has spread to the north of seven planets and its idea comprises more than 5 contending DAOs.

#3. AtomicAssets – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Atomic Assets is another blockchain game with lots of users. According to DappRadar, it ranked #3 on the list of blockchain games with a large number of users.

Atomic Assets was developed by a group of blockchain enthusiasts by the name Pink Network in the WAX and Proton blockchain.

Atomic Assets which is powered by Eosio blockchain technology relies on the Atomic Hub Marketplace because it is the recommended platform where players can buy and sell NFTs.

Meanwhile, players are allowed to access some features through their portal which enables them to create digital assets and buy, sell or auction digital assets.

#4. Splinterlands – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Splinterlands is one of the most outstanding blockchain-based games. By the number of clients, it is positioned #4 as per insights from DappRadar for the rundown of blockchain games as per the number of clients.

As a player, Splinterlands permits you to trade cards available, and furthermore, you can open supporter packs to play your #1 games.

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There are various outsider card showcases that are accessible for players in the Splinterlands game. These outsider card markets go about as game sellers and they made different payoffs accessible inside the game.

The most intriguing thing about the Splinterlands game is that it is very basic and each player can use the elements of this game while partaking in the game scene.

#5. OpenSea – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

OpenSea is another blockchain game with a huge number of users. OpenSea which was founded in 2017 is a gaming platform that allows the listing and trading of non-fungible tokens that were created on the blockchain.

Moreover, CryptoKitties adopted the name OpenSea when they intend to create a more general platform and they began to integrate the Ethereum NFT marketplace to support assorted blockchain games and applications.

Meanwhile, as a player, OpenSea will give you access to create your games as well as applications even without knowing programming languages or by going through other blockchain protocols.

This is quite an amazing feature as developers will have the opportunity to work on ongoing markets without the need to learn new technology at first.

#6. Orca – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Orca is quite an outstanding blockchain game that was ranked #6 according to the DappRadar sorted list for blockchain games by the number of users for 30 days.

Game players who love playing blockchain games have a great opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain with ease.

Orca allows players to exchange their crypto tokens at low transaction fees as well as lower latency than any DEX on Ethereum.

Another interesting feature about Orca is that players will enjoy liquidity to a trading pool and this enables them to earn a share of trading fees.

#7. Upland – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Upland is another fascinating paly-to-procure blockchain game with a lot of clients. It permits its players to have a sample of the virtual housing market in any event, when they are being engaged in the game.

Upland is one of the main blockchain metaverse games that was intended to reproduce the world by giving space to players and organizations to play and acquire genuine worth.

Upland permits its clients to claim land that they can expand on. As a player, your gained properties can be sold for USD through an organization with Tilia.

Upland clients can profit from three center things which are play, procure, and interface while playing the game in light of the fact that the designers of Upland spotlight the game on these three things.

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#8. Magic Eden – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Magic Eden is a fantastic game listed among the top blockchain games with a large number of users that was launched in the year 2019 by Solana.

It started as a decentralized application (dApp) platform that was built on the SOL network. Just like some blockchain games, Magic Eden allows its players to create and manage their own NFTs.

One of the fantastic features of the Magic Eden blockchain game is that players can purchase or mint NFTs on their platform and also you can use these NFTs within Solana’s networked applications.

Are you a game lover looking for a place to buy or sell NFT? Then Magic Eden is one of the easiest platforms you can use to achieve that whether you are a novice or an expert.

#9. Axie Marketplace – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Axie Marketplace is another popular blockchain game where players can collect, breed, and also sell creatures which are known as Axies.

Players can as well engage fight in the game, build, and also find treasures.

Meanwhile, players are allowed to earn tokens while playing, contributing to the ecosystem, and also growing Axies.

Axie Marketplace relies on the Ethereum protocol and AXS token.

#10. MOBOX: NFT Farmer – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

MOBOX which is keep going on our rundown isn’t the least yet that it has a lower number of clients as per DappRadar positioning of blockchain games by a few clients.

MOBOX permits players to place tokens into liquidity, which is a pool of savvy gets that are utilized to loan out computerized money.

Besides, MOBOX game players can get NFTs which can be utilized to play other current and future MOBOX games and furthermore as MBOX DAO tokens.

MOBOX blockchain game depends on the BSC convention.

Conclusion – Blockchain Games by Number of Users

The ten blockchain games by the number of clients that we clarified in this guide were separated from DappRadar positioning throughout the previous 30 days list sort.

The majority of these blockchain games are play-to-procure games and they permit clients to mine and acquire tokens while playing the game.

In the interim, a portion of these blockchain games, for example, OpenSea will give clients admittance to make their games as well as applications even without knowing programming dialects or by going through other blockchain conventions.