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CNA Program: Best Accelerated CNA Program

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CNA Program – Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide important basic care services, including feeding, bathing, and grooming patients, and taking vital signs.

A valuable member of the patient care team, CNAs are also known as “nursing aides” or “nursing assistants” and generally work under the supervision of registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

Becoming a CNA is a great entry point to a career in the nursing profession, and there are a large number of CNA training programs nationwide for aspiring nursing aides to choose from.

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An Accelerated Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) certificate program covers the same basic courses and practical training elements but takes an average of two weeks to complete and is typically designed to prepare students to sit for a licensure examination.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work under the direct supervision of registered nurses or other medical professionals to provide care to patients in healthcare facilities.

An accelerated CNA certificate program covers the basic courses and practical training elements, but takes an average of two weeks to complete and is typically designed to prepare students to sit for a licensure examination.

Certification requirements vary according to state laws. In addition to fulfilling federal requirements, candidates must pass an examination.

Students can learn how to provide first aid and CPR to patients, communicate with medical personnel, check patient vital signs, administer medication, insert catheters, feed and bathe patients, and more.

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Many of the courses included within an accelerated CNA program are practical and are designed to provide specific preparation for state CNA examinations.

Top 5 Accelerated CNA programs:

1.  Northeast Medical Institute: CNA program

Northeast Medical Institute is an approved Prometric In-Facility CNA testing site. Since they are allowed to perform CNA testing on-site the administrative staff works diligently to schedule nurse aide testing in about 5 business days after students complete their certified nurse aide course.

The CNA program includes both a classroom segment and a medical segment. Each program consists of 102 class hours, which are broken into 42 classroom hours, 27 lab hours, and 33 clinical hours. At Northeast Medical Institute they offer both day and evening courses which take between 2 1/2 weeks to 4 1/2 weeks long.

The CNA License attained after exams at Northeast Medical Institute may be filed for reciprocity and transferred to NY and numerous different states depending on the Department of Health rules and policies within the state you are trying to switch to.  

Accelerated CNA program here is the ONLY 2½ week program in all of Southern Connecticut and Fairfield County.

The tuition fee is $1,150 with an NCLEX pass rate of 88.6%.


2.  South Denver School of Nursing Arts: CNA program

South Denver School of Nursing Arts was set up in 2010 and is authorized through the Colorado State Board of Nursing.

Their pass rate on the Colorado State CNA Exam consistently ranks as one of the highest pass rates in the state.

This school offers a 4 week Nurse Aide Training Program to help students prepare to take the Colorado CNA State Boards. Every month, day OR evening classes are available and each session is limited to 10 students. Two mandatory clinical will take place over one weekend- a Saturday & Sunday.

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South Denver School of Nursing Arts gives in-depth nursing assistant certification schooling to assist in successfully passing state boards, in only four brief weeks, so you can receive your Colorado CNA license.

Tuition is a complete package and the enrollment cost is $1,800. In addition to the day or night class options, there is also an online/hybrid program.

Its NCLEX pass rate is 95.0%


3.  CNA Technical Center: CNA program

The Two-week accelerated Home Health Aide course is designed to provide dualistic benefits for the price of one. In inclusion to Home Health aide training, this course, in addition, teaches college students the important knowledge and clinical competencies needed to efficiently pass the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination. 

Students additionally get 12 months of Florida Board of Nursing accredited continuing education credits. Upon finishing this course, college students can be put in for the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant examination.

Total ruination is $1,120.55 and it covers the Enrollment fee, Tuition, Scrubs, Textbooks, Continuing education units, background check, and state exam fee.


4.  Health Care Solutions and Career Group – CNA program

They offer a two-week nursing assistant program designed to help students get a new career in healthcare. In this class, students will learn the skills needed to help take care of those in need and the knowledge to be a successful members of any healthcare team.

Nursing assistants are capable of working in a lot of situations and places such as hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare, and assisted living. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the State of Michigan nursing assistant exam.  

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There are day and evening classes, depending on your preference.

Tuition is $600 which includes textbooks, theory, lab, clinical rotation, and job placement assistance. 


5.  Utah CNA Center – CNA program

Students will be able to enjoy accelerated courses here and can be done within 2 weeks of starting (results on finishing within that period is dependent on the student).

 49% online and 51% in-person student participation is required and essential.

This course is self-paced so students will have 60 days to finish everything including their online course work, in-person training, and clinical hours. Generally, the students complete their course in an average of between 2 to 3 weeks of their start date.

Tuition is $550 which covers the Essential CNA Curriculum, enhanced State Exam Preparation, loaner Textbook (Hartman’s The Nursing Basics 5th edition), discount on Basic Life Support CPR, and Job Placement Assistance.



Schools were ranked based on their accessibility, cost, overall accreditation, and quality of their courses. Students can pick and choose the classes they want to take at any of these schools, which gives them the freedom to focus on the content they want to learn about.