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Download Twitter Videos and GIFs on Desktop and Mobile Devices ⬇

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In this current era, there are so many interesting videos and GIFs (animating images) of which you may wish to download those twitter videos and GIFs on desktop and mobile devices while scrolling through your twitter handle.

⭐ How can you guarantee that you permanently download this twitter media to your device for later use or for documentation?

You need to have knowledge of some tricks so that you can manipulate any video or GIF that is on twitter any time you want and have access to the source file.

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Are you passing over those important amazing videos that you wish you could save and review them later?

I will teach you how to download any Twitter video or GIF image and store it to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android.

There are diverse ways to download videos/GIF images from Twitter. Some of them are:

  1. Using Twitter Video Downloader software
  2. Installing browser extension in your browsers
  3. Downloading directly from Twitter

I’m happy when my noble readers find my articles helpful and easy to implement. So from my research, #3 is what I recommend and that’s the one that I will explore in this guide.

I’m cheerful that you’re here in my website and I’ll show you how to do it yourself.

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Before we jump into how you can download this awesome videos and GIFs, it’s relevant to read the section below ↓↓↓

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Basic things that you need to know!

There are some factors that will primarily determine how successful you will be when following the steps you need to follow before you download Twitter videos and GIFs using the method from #3 above. They are:

  1. How to ‘Copy link to tweet’ – The most important thing you need to know before you can download any Twitter media file is to know how you can copy the tweet media link.
  2. Ways to edit your browsers URL tab – This is the tab in your browser that contains the current web page URL. It is usually located at the top of any web browser.

Now let’s go to the downloading part…

Download Twitter videos and GIFs on mobile devices

Many people tweet with their mobile devices. So let me show you how you can download this on mobile devices first before advancing to desktop devices.

The first and the fore-most thing is to copy the video/GIF link.

Step 1: Getting the media link

You need to login to Twitter and locate the video/GIF that you wish to download. Click on the share icon and a pop up will appear.

From the pop up menu, click on Copy link to Tweet to copy the video/GIF link into your device clipboard.

View below images for more details.

twitter video
copy link to tweet

Step 2:  Paste the copied link to download the media

In this guide, I will recommend because it has options for you to select the video quality that you want to download.

From your current browser, open a new tab and type then load/open/search this URL. You can memorize the URL for later use.

I hope that everybody knows how to create new tab from your browser? In case some people don’t know how to create new tab from their browsers!

Am going to teach with Google Chrome & Opera browser. See images below

But you can as well omit creating new tab and use your current tab to type the URL above (

Opera create new tab 1
Creating new tab using Opera browser – step 1
Opera create new tab 2
Creating new tab using Opera browser – step 2
Chrome create new tab 1
Creating new tab using Chrome browser – step 1
Chrome create new tab 2
Creating new tab using Chrome browser – step 2

At this stage we all have created a new tab in our browsers. Now paste the URL you copied from Twitter media into the space provided for you and click on the download button.

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View image below for visual understanding.

Download twitter video on mobile

Step 3: Choose your download quality

After you have clicked on the download button, a new page will open Containing Tweet status thumbnail showing you the current Tweet that you’re downloading its media – there you will find different video formats. View below image

Download twitter video on mobile and select your download quality

Now click on Download link of your choice (depending on the video quality that you may like to download) and you will find out that the video has started playing.

Step 4: Downloading the video

Click on the three dots at the right hand side of the video. At this stage you will see the main download button. Then click on it to download the video. See images below

download the twitter video on mobile device
Click here

Wait for some seconds and you will see the video in your device media library or you can click on the download tab in your browser to monitor your download progress.

That’s how you can download different formats of twitter videos directly to your mobile device.

Download Twitter videos and GIFs on desktop devices

This is similar to downloading using mobile devices. But let me still give you a detailed guideline so that you’ll not encounter any problem due to screen resolution.

Though Twitter doesn’t allow you downloading a video or GIF file but Twdownload comes as pretty handy tool, where you have to simply copy and paste the URL link of any tweet that contains video or GIF inside the input-box and hit the “download” button.

The website @ extracts the video and GIF URL link in MP4 and M3U8 streaming file format along with their sizes. So that, you can save the downloaded video to your computer to play and share as well.

Follow below steps to successfully download Twitter video/GIF in your computer.

Step 1: Get the media link

This website needs the URL of the Tweet of which you want to download its video/GIF. To get the tweet URL, click on the up-arrow that is located at the right side just below the tweet.

When you click on it, a drop down menu will pop up and you now have to click on “Copy link to Tweet”. See image below

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Copy twitter media download link on desktop device

Step 2: Paste the copied link to download the media

Open a new tab from your desktop browser and type and load it. From the option provided paste the link that you just copied from the previous step and click Downwload. See below image

Video downloader

Step 3: choose your format and download Twitter videos and GIFs on desktop device

After you clicked on download, it will take you to a new page with Tweet status thumbnail showing you the current Tweet that you’re downloading its media.

In the box under the column “video” click on the “download link” to save the video from available sizes to your computer.

Select your download quality

Now that you have downloaded the video or GIF image, you can have access to it anytime without connecting to the internet.

More ways to download Twitter videos and GIFs on mobile/desktop devices

You can as well download Twitter videos by using the websites listed below or by modifying the current Tweet URL

The processes involved while using below websites to download the Tweets media is almost the same as the method that I explained above. So there is no much work for you to do.

Use any of the websites below to download Twitter videos and GIFs as well:

  8. (read documentation below ⤵)

If you’re using to download, all you have to do is to edit the Tweet media URL from your browser or you can copy it out and open your browser (i.e if you’re tweeting from twitter app).

Then add “sss” in front of the Tweet URL. Example

These are original links:


Modify URL with “sss”:


I’ve shared with you my best (recommended) and simple ways of downloading Twitter videos and GIFs.

 These are the top tricks that I have used to download any interesting video or GIFs that I find on Twitter.

If you follow the steps listed above, you will eventually download the Tweet video/GIF.

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