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LPN Program: Best Accelerated LPN Programs

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LPN program – People who wish to become nurses may not be willing to commit to four years of college before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing.

As a result of a lack of financial resources, a desire to get a job as soon as possible, or a personal ambition to start a nursing profession, many people wish to become a nurse sooner rather than later.

Fast track LPN programs provide students with a head start in the field of nursing. Patients at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other health care facilities are cared for and supported by licensed practical nurses.

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Basic bedside care such as feeding, medication administration, wound care, and personal cleanliness is the primary responsibilities of these professionals.

Cost of Accelerated LPN Programs

Tuition for your LPN program makes up the majority of the overall cost. This varies greatly from state to state and even from city to city. Programs charge tuition to cover the cost of providing students with on-campus instruction.

Often, this does not include other charges such as books or clinical fees that are required to complete a program. LPN schools typically cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to attend across the United States.

Some programs cost as little as $4,000 and others as much as $30,000. In the beginning, it may seem like too much money to pay out-of-pocket for this. Fortunately, there is financial assistance accessible to those in need.

Prerequisites – LPN Program

You’ll need to pass criminal background and health checks before you can enroll in an accelerated LPN program. If you’re not a certified nursing assistant, you’ll need to take a nurse assisting class.

To enroll in an LPN-to-RN program, you must first have a valid license as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Pre-admission exams, such as the one offered by the National League for Nursing, are also required.

To begin an accelerated LPN-to-RN program, you must pass this exam to demonstrate your proficiency as a licensed practical nurse.

Listed below are several fast-track LPN Programs:

1.  East Coast Polytechnic Institute. Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Practical Nursing (LPN Program) degree at the East Coast Polytechnic Institute, also known as ECPI University, offers a fast track to a variety of nursing vocations.

To become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), students learn the skills and attitudes essential to develop critical thinking, clinical reasoning, effective communication, and other talents. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to appear for the NCLEX-PN exam.

After finishing the LPN program, many students go on to complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Tuition: Estimated $9,264

A four-semester program is offered.

Website: http://www.ecpi.edu/

2.  Dorsey Schools. Roseville, Michigan – LPN Program

Licensed practical nursing ( LPN Program) programs can be completed more quickly at Dorsey Schools in Michigan than at other schools because of their accelerated schedules.

An education in practical nursing responsibilities and core skills provides students with useful knowledge and abilities.

At five locations, students study medical terminology and practical nursing fundamentals as well as geriatric, pediatric, and medical/surgical nursing.

It’s worth noting that most expenses and materials at this institution are included in the tuition. Medical scrub uniforms, lab coats, and electronic devices are provided to each student.

$29,280 for tuition

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Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: https://www.dorsey.edu/

3.  Northland Community and Technical College. East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Learn how to become a practical nurse at Northland Community and Technical College. You’ll learn how to care for patients of any age in a wide range of settings—from hospitals to clinics to nursing homes to home care—under the supervision of a trained nurse.

Students in the distance/hybrid program learn how to think critically and effectively to help them enter the nursing profession.

Tuition: Estimated $8,976

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://www.northlandcollege.edu/

4.  Rasmussen University. Bloomington, Minnesota

Many nursing programs are available at Rasmussen University, including the fast-track practical nursing program. The ACEN-accredited program can be started earlier, and you can graduate sooner because most universities do not have a waitlist.

In addition, there are no requirements. Practical nursing fast-track students’ progress through a combination of online and campus programs.

Students learn the necessary skills to become practical nurses and prepare to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam at the end of their program.

There is a discount on tuition for active military personnel.

Amount Owed: $18,220

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: https://www.rasmussen.edu/

5.  Saint Paul College. Saint Paul, Minnesota

Online, hybrid and traditional in-class learning options are available to students enrolled in Saint Paul College’s Accredited Practical Nursing Program. Off-site clinical hours are also required.

Among other things, the course emphasizes assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation, as well as fundamentals of therapeutics, critical thinking, and effective communication.

Tuition: Estimated $6,862

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: https://saintpaul.edu/

6.  Great Falls College at Montana State University. Great Falls, Montana

Students who complete the Practical Nurse program at Great Falls College of Montana State University will be prepared to take the NCLEX-PN exam and begin working as entry-level practical nurses.

After just one semester of required coursework, students can begin the LPN program. Students in the practical nursing program learn how to deliver safe and effective nursing care once they are accepted into the program.

The curriculum can be taken on-campus or online, depending on the student’s preference.

The cost of education is $5,175 per year.

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://www.gfcmsu.edu/

7.  Gateway Community College. Florence, Kentucky

The fast-track practical nursing curriculum at Gateway Community College teaches students the theory and skills they’ll need to work in acute care, intermediate care, and long-term care facilities – LPN Program.

The Arizona State Board of Nursing has approved a fast-track program that combines classroom instruction with field experiences in nursing homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Tuition: Estimated $2,210

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://gatewaycc.edu/

8.  Johnson County Community College. Overland Park, Kansas

Full-time students at Johnson County Community College can complete the Practical Nurse program in a shorter period than those who choose the part-time program.

The proximity of Olathe Medical Center to the Olathe Health Education Center (OHEC) provides an advantage for students in the fast track program.

For students, this means they don’t have to travel far from the institution to complete their required clinical experiences – LPN Program.

With the help of the OHEC Simulation Center, students can apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. Care for patients of all ages, including paediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics, and geriatric care.

Amount Owed: $2,632

Between two and three semesters for their LPN Program.

Website: https://www.jccc.edu/

9.  North Central Missouri College. Trenton, Missouri

The Missouri State Board of Nursing has authorized North Central Missouri College’s practical nursing program, which has a 90% student satisfaction rate.

Evidence-based methods, patient-centred care, cooperation and collaboration, and the importance of safety and quality improvement are all emphasized in the curriculum.

Classwork, clinical, and laboratories make up the curriculum, but it only takes 11 months to complete. It is available at three different campuses.

PN-ADN allows students who have completed a practical nursing program to continue their education and achieve an associate’s degree in nursing through the PN-ADN program.

The cost of tuition is $4,719 per year.

Three semesters are required to complete the LPN Program.

Website: http://www.ncmissouri.edu/

10.              North Central Texas College. Gainesville, Texas

Nursing students at North Central Texas College are prepared to enter the workforce as vocational nurses in a state that uses the term “practical nurse.”

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Instead of programs like the Vocational Nursing (LVN) program at this institution, the curriculum is similar to that of other schools that offer practical nursing programs.

After finishing the curriculum, students will be prepared to take the NCLEX-PN examination.

Developing and applying scientific ideas and technical skills to vocational nursing in a range of contexts is at the heart of this fast-paced online curriculum for nursing professionals.

Tuition costs $4,945 per year.

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://www.nctc.edu/

11.              Columbus State Community College. Columbus, Ohio

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN Program) students at Columbus State Community College learn to communicate effectively, analyze critically, and solve problems through the LPN curriculum.

While attending the Downtown Columbus Ohio college, they also learn to apply practical nursing concepts to the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health for patients in various healthcare settings.

There is a $9,500 tuition fee.

A four-semester program is offered – LPN Program.

Website: http://www.cscc.edu/

12.              Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Perkinston, Mississippi

Take courses at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to get your feet wet in the nursing field.

Excellent client-centred care, evidence-based practice demonstration, quality improvement, and exceptional communication skills are all taught in the program.

Professionalism, ethics, and legality are all demonstrated by students in their use of information technology and their nursing practice.

Tuition is $8,370 per academic year.

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://www.mgccc.edu/

13.              Mississippi Delta Community College. Moorhead, Mississippi

Get a head start on your nursing career by earning your Practical Nursing credential from Mississippi Delta Community College.

You will learn how to provide patient care that includes supporting optimal health, as well as educating patients about the importance of preventing illness throughout their lives, by working as an advocate and educator.

Learn to perform safe and effective nursing care while working as part of a healthcare team.

Fees: $5,720 per year

Three semesters are required to complete the program.

Website: http://www.msdelta.edu/

14.              South College. Knoxville, Tennessee

Finishing the South College Certificate LPN program will give you the practical nursing skills and knowledge employers look for.

Acquire the skills needed to treat patients of all ages, including those who are elderly or have special needs, as well as those who are in a range of healthcare settings, such as a hospital, clinic, or nursing home.

The LPN-BSN nursing program is an option for those students who want to continue their education.

Tuition: Estimated $9,000

The length of the program is estimated to be three semesters.

Website: https://www.south.edu/

15.              Piedmont Virginia Community College. Charlottesville, Virginia

Get your Practical Nursing Certificate from Piedmont Virginia Community College so that you can work under the supervision of a licensed nurse or doctor.

A few of the skills and information gained by completing this program include the ability to provide therapeutic, rehabilitation, and preventative care to persons of all ages.

In addition, practical nurses may care for patients from a variety of cultures and with different degrees of reliance.

Students who complete a practical nursing program are prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings such as long-term institutions, physician offices or clinics, schools, and maybe in other healthcare settings, such as hospitals.

For 2018, the school’s first-time NCLEX pass percentage was 88.89%.

$5,735 is the cost of tuition.

Three semesters are required to complete the LPN Program.

Website: http://www.pvcc.edu/

16.              Lake Area Technical College. Watertown, South Dakota

The fast-track LPN program at Lake Area Technical College has three options. If you choose to take your time completing program requirements, you can select the full-time on-campus, full-time online, or part-time online options.

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Patients of all ages can expect to get safe and culturally competent patient-centered care from students who are trained in evidence-based methods, critical thinking, and problem resolution.

The cost of tuition is $5,687.

Three semesters are required to complete the LPN Program.

Website: http://www.lsc.edu/

17.              Montgomery Community College. Troy, North Carolina

The first-time NCLEX-PN pass rate at Montgomery Community College in Troy, North Carolina is 100 percent. Those who complete the fast-track LPN program are prepared to care for adults and children of all ages.

Clinical hours are part of the program and are supervised by a qualified nurse while the student works in a clinical setting (RN).

Amount Owed: $2,432

The duration of the program is two semesters – LPN Program.


18.              Tennessee College of Applied Technology Jackson. Tennessee

Tennessee College of Applied Technology Jackson’s practical nursing program does not need students to put in long hours of study. Graduates of the Jackson Regional Practical Nursing Program will be prepared to enter the field of practical nursing as entry-level employees.

Through classroom lectures, laboratory practice, and clinical assignments at hospitals and long-term care facilities, the school delivers curriculum delivery.

A wide range of healthcare settings, including pediatric, obstetrics, and geriatrics, are available for students to practice their skills.

Most expenses are included in the cost of attendance at this school.

Tuition costs $4,038 per year

Three semesters are required to complete the LPN Program.

Website: https://tcatjackson.edu/

19.              Lake Superior College. Duluth, Minnesota

Lake Superior College’s practical nursing curriculum will teach you how to adapt to a variety of jobs throughout your career as a nurse. Students who complete this program, which is primarily geared for nursing assistants, are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam.

An intensive practical nursing curriculum offers nurses evidence-based practice skills as well as the ability to provide patient care that reflects nursing’s core beliefs and principles. Interdisciplinary health care teamwork is also taught in the classroom.

Tuition: Estimated $7,400

The duration of the program is two semesters – LPN Program.

Website: http://www.lsc.edu/

20.              Florida Gateway College. Lake City, Florida

Students who enroll in Florida Gateway College’s Practical Nursing Certificate program learn how to execute basic nursing care and procedures, demonstrate their competence to administer drugs, and apply infection control principles.

In the spring semester, students begin the program, and upon completion, they are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN certification exam.

It costs $4,649.40 to attend the university.

Three semesters are required to complete the LPN Program.

Website: http://www.fgc.edu/


A student enrolled in a nursing school for future licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses who intend to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam can do so for up to two years.

Several institutions provide courses to help students get ready for the exam, which can lead to them spending more time in the nursing program than they anticipated. Fast-track LPN programs, which are commonly offered online or in a hybrid style, are exciting prospects for students.

While certain classes may be completed on campus or at a designated location, the majority of the program’s prerequisites may be completed online. Fast track LPN programs can be completed wholly on-campus at some schools.

There is no difference in the curriculum of fast-track LPN programs and those that require up to two years to complete and qualify for the NCLEX-PN exam. Shorter lessons can be accommodated by students who agree to the accelerated format. Many nursing students benefit from decreased tuition and reduced expenditures because of the program’s shorter duration.

Even in their first employment after passing the NCLEX, LPNs can expect significant job growth and good compensation.

LPN Program certification can be obtained in about a year of formal training, making it a popular route into the field of nursing. An excellent choice for students who want to work in the health care industry but don’t have the financial resources for a four-year degree.