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How to Become Envato Affiliate Marketer [Beginners Guide]

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Have you been searching on how to properly register as an Envato affiliate marketer? Then this awesome detailed article is for you.

Many people get confused when registering as an Envato affiliate marketer, because Envato uses Impact Radius to monitor their affiliate marketer’s traffic, conversion, commission, etc.

It happened to me when I wanted to register my blog with them; I end up registering for Domain.com through Impact Radius. Sounds funny right? When I wanted to generate my unique affiliate link for a product, I continue to receive error messages.

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I detailed this article base on the challenges that I faced before I later figure out how to successfully register as an Envato affiliate marketer.

Are you looking for a way to earn money from your website through affiliate marketing? Registering as an Envato affiliate marketer is one of the best options for you.

Getting Started

Envato is the most popular marketplace in the world, where developers sell their themes, plugins, fonts, beautiful Designs, Logos, Mockups, Video, etc.

As an Envato affiliate marketer, your application to join the network is being reviewed for some days and they hardly reject new affiliate marketer enthusiasts; once your website/blog can be used to promote their products.

Regardless of your country, Envato affiliate program accepts genuine publishers from almost all the countries in the world.

Pros of being Envato affiliate marketer

  1. You’ll be paid a whooping sum for each successful sale you generated through your affiliate link
  2. Envato affiliate program easily approves new affiliate marketers
  3. Your earning will be paid directly to your local bank
  4. You can generate affiliates for any product that you wish to promote
  5. Envato have an unlimited number of products that you can advertise
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Who can enroll as an Envato affiliate marketer?

Envato affiliate program targets these sets of people as that can boost the promotion of their products;


If you have a blog or website that can be used to promote Envato products, you’re on your way to generating a huge amount of money from your website.

Envato covers a wide range of products that you can use to monetize your noble audience.


when you own a successful YouTube channel, Pinterest profile, or even a TikTok account in the area of graphic, web design, or videography business, you can generate can for yourself by simply promoting Envato products using your referral link.

Authors on Envato

For already existing authors in Envato, you can earn extra money by registering as Envato affiliate marketer and refer new customers to the program.


Newbies who are speaking to a DIY crowd, photographers, or designers can as well earn money from this amazing program as they have different varieties of products that one can use to monetize his already existing business.

Category of products that you can promote as an Envato affiliate marketer

Envato powers three different categories of products, which claim to suit any business that you want to monetize with Envato affiliate program.

1. Envato elements

This category consists of millions of creative assets and unlimited downloads, to which one can be given access at a very low cost.

People that subscribed in this category will be granted access to download graphic, web and video templates, audio, photos, and more. This category is tagged as “The unlimited creative subscription”.

As Envato affiliate marketer under this category, you can earn up to $120 for eligible annual subscribers and up to $60 for eligible monthly subscribers.

2. Placeit by Envato

This zone is an easy-to-use DIY design tool, Placeit by Envato enables people of all skill levels to create beautiful designs, logos, mockups & videos; straight from their browser in seconds.

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Envato affiliate marketers who promote products in this category and a user subscribed using his unique affiliate link, the Envato affiliate marketer will earn $50 on new annual subscriptions, $20 on new monthly subscribers, and 50% on one-time transactions.

3. Envato market

This category of Envato program is tagged as “The world’s largest creative marketplace”.

Envato Market offers a range of items from WordPress Themes & plugins to Photoshop Actions & video templates.

For every genuine sale, you generate using your referral link, you’ll earn a 30% commission on any first purchase you refer.

How to register and become Envato affiliate marketer

I believe that I’ve given you some hints on the categories that Envato affiliate program features.

JonakyBlog recommends that you should sign up for the three categories, because in the future you may see an opportunity to monetize a product in one of these categories.

To register as Envato affiliate marketer, go to ThemeForest website and scroll down to the footer of the website.

Click on “Become an affiliate”. See image below

become affiliate marketer

When you click on “Become an affiliate”, it will take you to Envato affiliate page. Here you can select a program that you will like to join at that moment.

I’m going to join “Envato market” as per this guide; because it contains some products that I’ll like to promote on my website.

Click on join program to continue with your registration.

join program

Note: joining Envato market can only allow you to promote products that are listed in Envato market.

submit an application

Envato affiliate program is being powered by Impact Radius. So when you click on Join program, you will be directed to Imapct Radius page where you’ll need to fill the registration form for you to proceed.

Fill in all the necessary fields and click on Sign Up.

If you have already registered with Impact, just click on Sign in to complete your Envato affiliate marketer application request.

Envato affiliate marketer successful registration

When you have successfully registered, we recommend joining Envato elements affiliate program and Placeit by Envato affiliate program, so that you can have access to promote any of Envato products regardless of the category that it belongs to.

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Envato affiliate team will review your application, probably within three days and you’ll be approved if you’re eligible.

Then you can be able to generate an affiliate links for any product you may like to promote and earn a commission for every genuine sale that comes through your affiliate link.

We’re working on the guide that you can use to generate an affiliate links for any Envato product you may want to promote. Coming soon…

How Can I Promote my Envato Affiliates Link as a Marketer?

When your submitted application is approved, you can be able to use your default Envato affiliate links, banners, and text to promote this company’s products.

You can as well generate affiliates for a specific product of your choice.

Some of the recommended ways to promote your affiliate links are:

  • Embedding the links and banners in your website content or your blog posts.
  • Using email marketing to send emails to your subscribed list, encouraging them to make a purchase.
  • Sharing your Envato affiliate links to your social media handles and adding some text that will lead to conversion and purchase.
  • Sharing your unique referral links to your friends and colleagues who may intend to purchase a product that is listed in Envato market.

Can I make money on Envato Affiliate program?

Yes! Envato pays some amazing commission for every genuine sale that comes through your affiliate link.

Once the user you referred makes a payment for a product, your commission will be credited to you as soon as possible.


This is the step-by-step guide that you need to follow to become an Envato affiliate marketer.

The screenshots above will guide you on each page you found yourself so that you will know the proper step to take at each time.

Remember to register for the three categories of affiliate programs that Envato powers, so that you will have the access to promote any Envato product.

If you have questions or contributions regarding this post, use the comment to share with us.