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Celebrity Text To Speech: How To Create Yours [Detailed]

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Celebrity text to speech – I know that you’ve been hearing different voices from varieties of projects without knowing that they used celebrity text to speech to create such amazing voices.

The AI models in celebrity text-to-speech help users to create different voices which they can select from male or female voices.

Moreover, by making use of some websites such as 15.ai, FakeYou.com, UberDuck.ai, etc. one can create celebrity text to speech voices with the AI models available in these websites.

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With this celebrity text-to-speech voice, you can easily integrate different voices into your projects. For instance, in your YouTube videos, screencasts, etc.

In this guide, JonakyBlog will give a detailed guide on how to create amazing celebrity text-to-speech voices for free.

Let’s get started…

Top free celebrity text to speech voice generator websites

If you are a researcher, you must have heard some of these free celebrity text-to-speech websites.

Moreover, if you are just hearing celebrity text-to-speech for the first time and you wanted to try it out, we’ll give you detailed info about them.

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With these websites, you won’t just generate celebrity text-to-speech voices but it will allow you to download these celebrity text-to-speech voices to your desired device.

Below are the top three (3) free celebrity text to speech online generator websites:

  1. FakeYou.com
  2. UberDuck.ai
  3. 15.ai

#1. FakeYou.com

We placed FakeYou.com as our #1 recommended free celebrity text to speech generator because of the features that it comes with.

FakeYou.com has over 500 celebrity text-to-speech voices which uses an AI model to convert your inputted text to audio voices.

Another amazing feature of FakeYou.com is that it is free for everyone. No credit card is needed when generating amazing voices for your projects.

Also, you can upload your already recorded voice and the AI model of FakeYou.com will convert your recorded voices to SpongeBob SquarePants and other awesome voices.

How To Generate Celebrity Text To Speech With FakeYou.com

Read my guide below to see how to use FakeYou.com to create celebrity text-to-speech voices for your projects.

#2. UberDuck.ai

Uberduck.ai is quite a free celebrity text to speech software that helps to convert text to speech or change the tone of your recorded audio file.

With UberDuck.ai’s easy user interface, you can create dynamic projects within minutes.

Also, this platform comes with assorted character voices which one can use to create a perfect celebrity text-to-speech voice for his project.

The voices in this platform are almost real like that of a human being.

How To Generate Celebrity Text To Speech With UberDuck.ai

Read my guide below to see how to use UberDuck.ai to create celebrity text-to-speech voices for your projects.

#3. 15.ai – Celebrity text to speech

15.ai is another free website that you can use to generate celebrity text-to-speech voices.

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Although 15.ai is free, it has advanced features more than the first two free celebrity text-to-speech we discussed above.

The quality of the text-to-speech Spongebob output that 15.ai generates is quite cool and lovely.

15.ai shows users the duration that the AI model you selected has been trained.

How To Generate Celebrity Text To Speech With 15.ai

Read my guide below to see how to use 15.ai to create celebrity text-to-speech voices for your projects.

Other Amazing Celebrity text to Speech Voice Generator Softwares

Besides these three (3) free celebrity text-to-speech websites we discussed above, there is yet another celebrity text-to-speech website that is available for you.

Moreover, to enjoy all the features of these websites, you need to subscribe to their premium version.

Check this software below:


Speechelo uses cloud-based solutions to render celebrity text-to-speech voices for its users.

Users can effortlessly use this software to handle their YouTube projects and other projects as well.

Features of Speechelo

  • You can change the pitch and tone while working on your project
  • It comes with more than 30 human-like voices
  • The voices can be toned to male or female

Azure Text To Speech

Azure Text to Speech is a software developed by Microsoft which uses an AI model to convert celebrity text to speech.

They have advanced audio control effects for all your projects.


  • It has human-like voices
  • Advanced customization features
  • Easy to use user interface


Murf.ai is another amazing celebrity text-to-speech software for converting either text-to-speech or recorded voices to modified Spongebob speech.

If you have a written script, it can as well convert it from your desired celebrity text to speech.

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This software can be used for brands, businesses, presentations, etc.


  • Their AI model automatically generates voiceovers from your inputted text.
  • Their creation studio is user friendly
  • You can easily pause, control speed, etc.

Celebrity text to speech free

There are lots of websites that you can use to create Celebrity text-to-speech for free.

This Celebrity text to speech free voice generator has over 100 available voices in more than 30 languages.

Below are our top Celebrity text-to-speech free websites

  1. FakeYou.com
  2. UberDuck.ai
  3. 15.ai

Celebrity text to speech online

Celebrity text to speech online software allows users to convert their text or recorded voice to Celebrity text to speech.

Regardless of your device, you can easily use Celebrity text-to-speech online with your browser.

Celebrity text to speech app

Download Celebrity Text To Speech app version 1.1.7 Apk free. This app helps users to convert a text into speech using a celebrity’s voice.

To download the Celebrity text-to-speech app, click here.

Celebrity text to speech voices

There are lots of Celebrity text-to-speech voices that you can obtain from the free Celebrity text to speech online software we discussed above.

Some of the Celebrity text-to-speech software has over 500 voices which will surely suit your project.

Celebrity text to speech mp3

With Celebrity text-to-speech, you can convert your mp3 file to a favorable voice.

A lot of project managers have used Celebrity text to speech mp3 to entertain their listeners and viewers.

Celebrity text to speech ai

With software like 15.ai, UberDuck.ai, etc. you can generate a Celebrity text-to-speech ai model for your project.

This Celebrity text-to-speech ai will automatically translate your text to your desired voice.

Most of these ai models have over 20 languages to ensure that your conversion and translation are perfect.