Gadgets Importation From USA – Steps on how to buy & sell with profit

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In this guide I will teach you on how you can start gadgets importation from USA down to your country.

Gadgets importation business is a very lucrative business. It’s by far one of the few business you can do in your country and earn over 120% profit.

People simply love gadgets, no matter their age, gender, or occupation. And even that technology keeps advancing at a rapid speed, there are cool new gadgets appearing on the market every day – from brand new phones to smart watches and so on. Taking all this into account, it’s easy to notice that the huge sales potential gadgets have.

The mini part of this business is still pretty much new and you don’t have any excuse not to start it. The gadgets business was actually for rich people prior to this time. You can buy laptops for as low as 30K and sell as high as 80-100K from US. Check out the profit gap!

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Apart from laptops, you can buy other things like electronics, flash drive, wrist watch, and other home appliances at amazing rates.

Now you have no reason to be unemployed and be looking for a way to survive because this has given you the opportunity to earn a living.

And the good part is that US platforms can be trusted and of course you can return the goods if it falls below expected quality or below their description and have your money returned to you.

So how do you start this gadgets importation from USA?

It’s quite easy. In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to start Gadgets Importation Business from the United State and resell with a huge profit in your country.

Requirements for gadgets importation from USA

The basic requirements that you need for importing quality gadget at a dead cheap price are:

  1.  A smartphone or laptop
  2.  A platform to buy product
  3.  Little cash
  4.  And a platform to sell the product

I will be teaching on how to start importation business in Nigeria.

Below are the steps you need to follow to Start gadgets importation from USA

1. Have an area of interest and create market for it

You must have an area of the business that interests you. You can decide to import mobile phones and computers? Think of how to seamlessly create a market for your new products.

Do you have people you can easily sell them to? These are very few questions you have to ask yourself as well as answer before embarking on this business.

Now that you have been able to answer this questions, you can now proceed into the next stage of how to start importation business.

The area that you want to focus on helps in gadgets importation from USA, because you must have interest in some business already

2. Get a smartphone

Any up-to-date android device can be used to run this business. Getting a very fast smartphone or laptop can give you a hedge over others.If you have a good smartphone or laptop, you are ready to start buying.

You will need to visit websites like Jumia and Jiji to know what’s trending. Doing this will give you hint of what people are buying and what people are not buying.

3. A platform to buy the product

Buying quality gadgets in the US at a dead-cheap price is mostly done through bidding or off-sale. Bidding simply means you’re participating in the auction, where people compete to buy a product by giving a higher offer than the previous offer.

On the other hand, off-sale means people decide to sell their old-model products a t a very huge discount simply because they have gotten a newer model, and the old one is no longer needed. As a beginner, I will suggest you to start with off-sale because it’s much easier and less expensive.

In gadgets importation from USA, where to buy the product is also a factor you should consider.

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4. Search US online shops and create an account with them

Based in the US, eBay runs an auction site that is you get to bid for the price you want to pay for a specific product but also with the option to “Buy Now”. It is agood place to get London used phones, laptops and lots of other gadgets; it is a general merchandise store.

Amazon is really one great place to get products. They have different products ranging from clothing to new, refurbished or used electronics, computers etc. from amazon.

Based in US and sells used cell phone wholesale, overstock liquidation, used electronics wholesale, sell used cell phone, used and refurbished electronics. I know that most people already know most of these above mentioned platforms.

Visit any of these sites to create account with them. But before that also ensure that you have a functional email address.

Make sure that you carefully put in the details of your name that you used in bank account. This information will be important for banks to credit the accounts of the online malls.

Remember: Nigerian banks will not accept your request to pay these online companies if there is a difference between the spelling of the names you used to open your bank account and the name you used while signing up on the online mall website.Visit the platforms, create account with them and continue.

5. Place an order

Visit any of the sites listed; use the computer for a better view. To try how genuine what I am discussing with you is, try to check the prices of the items and convert it to local currency; i.e Naira.

I am sure you will notice that the prices of their goods are by far cheaper than what average Nigerian shops sell similar goods.

Check to see where you can select wholesale and add to cart if you wish to buy a lot of things together.

After that, you will proceed to make payments. This is a very important stage in how to start importation business.

Remember to place order for things you can easily sell or things you have created a market where you can sell them.

6. Payment

You will be asked the card you wish to pay with. Ensure you pay with the means you are familiar with.

Your payment will include delivery charges. Remember there are no hidden charges, and terms and conditions apply.

In gadgets importation from USA, how to make payment using different methods are detailed in this guide.

Ensure the platform you are paying through has  “HTTPS//…..” This means you are using your card details on a secure platform and you have nothing to worry about. This is very important.

7. Shipping

Some stores in US do not ship directly to Nigeria. But you can use the services of some shipping agencies. Such as Shoptomydoor and another is Allworld. They will bring your products from USA to your doorstep here in Nigeria.

Taking delivery of your order and confirming that everything is in good shape.

If you noticed that your goods are damaged, some companies give you the option of returning it and you will have the transaction reversed.

Therefore, you must go to FAQ and privacy policy tabs of the platform to know more on how the company functions before placing an order and making payments.

There are goods that enjoy free delivery from these platforms. Other goods attracts delivery fee.

Inspecting and

EBay, Amazon etc. are direct platforms like Alibaba that you can use to get the cheap gadgets: phones, wrist watch, electronics and products; and ship to your country without stress while can’t be accessed without necessary updates.

How to purchase gadgets from and ship them down to Nigeria

To use, you will need to register on Shoptomydoor or allworld because you will need to have USA address for you to ship your goods here in Nigeria.

In this article I will be teaching with

Shoptomydoor is owned by Nigeria and their aim is to provide US and UK addresses for people who wants to shop from these countries and help them to ship to their destination here is Nigeria. They have Branches at Ikeja Lagos and Airport Road, Lagos… 

They can also shop on your behalf. Click the link to register –>

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor signup

After the above home page opens, do well to click the sign up icon to register a free account. But if you already have account, just sign in.

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor; click here

Then click free account.

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor + select a plan
Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor + fill the form

Open and fill in your details

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor + sample of filled form
Filled form

After which you fill in your details and submit.

After submission, you will have to verify your account from your mail.After verifying your mail, you will get a response that your account is under review.

Screenshots below shows a successful registration with shoptomydoor when setting up gadgets importation from USA.

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor successful registration
Registration successful

Verify your Email ID from your inbox

Gadgets Importation From USA - shoptomydoor email verified

Thank you message after verification. You can then wait for Representative to call you within 24 hours.

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Gadgets Importation From USA notification
Notification that your account is under review

I am expecting everyone’s shoptomydoor’s account to be activated latest tomorrow if you will register now that you are reading this article.

Please do well to register now if you are interested for this importation training so that by tomorrow they will verify your account and it will become active.

A staff will give you a call

One of their representatives will call you tomorrow to ask you a few questions. Respond to them accordingly.

They will also give you one or two orientation about their company and website. If you do not get the mail from them, you can send a mail in that regards to Or chat them on Whatsapp (

After your account has been activated, you can navigate your dashboard in your account to access your addresses.

Gadgets Importation From USA shoptomydoor dashboard
Shoptomydoor dashboard

To log in to your account, go to and click on login button, then put your email and your password.The image below shows how you will insert your address on the store you choose to buy from.

Edit your address

Always take note of what looks like this

STMD – UNIT NG 11223

it’s like your special code.

Now you can navigate to EBay to purchase gadgets

To search for Gadgets on, make sure you search for UNLOCKED Gadgets because if you do not put unlocked in your search, there is probability to buy LOCKED phones and you might need to give to Engineer to unlock for you. That is another expense for you.

Reason for LOCK is because their NETWORK providers differs in your country… if the gadget is locked, you won’t be able to use your Sim Card on it or your NETWORK here in your country.

EBay - unlocked phones

The image above shows EBay web page with “unlocked iPhone” as a search keyword, we can thereafter scroll to choose your choice.

You can also filter on eBay, to filter, check the left side of your page, you will see different things to filter with.

There are Network, Lock Status, Model, Condition, Price etc. Another thing is gadget condition.
They have New, Refurbished, and Used.  

  1. New Gadgets – are newly produced gadgets. 
  2. Refurbished – are new gadgets with fault but repaired. Refurbished can be seller refurbished or factory refurbished. Always note to choose factory/manufacturer refurbished because you have guaranteed on this.
  3. Used Gadgets – are used phones, laptops, accessories etc.
EBay iphone 7 - unlocked

Look at iPhone 7, 128GB from United States, pre-owned.You can click on it to get the product view.

EBay cart

This is what you’ll get after you have clicked on the product.

Gadgets Importation From USA – Things you need to do

If you want to by immediately, you will click on  “buy it now”.
If you still want to continue searching, click on  “add to cart”  and you can buy later.

EBay registration is also strict. For payment, you can use PAYPAL for security purpose. You can also use your MasterCard to pay if you wish to.

To buy immediately, you will click on  “BUY IT NOW”  like I said earlier.

EBay - ship to

You’ll get this view.

You will need to fill the necessary info.

See the below image to see how I filled my USA address using my address I got from

EBay - checkout

To get shipping Address and USA phone number assigned to you, kindly go to to register and get assigned address and phone number for USA and UK. If you have registered, login to copy your USA address.

EBay - order total
Choose mode of Payment

Then you can then click on Confirm and pay

Your account will be charged and you can then go back to Shoptomydoor to provide the goods details, when the goods get to their address they we recognize it’s from you and they can then ship to Nigeria. You can then go to their warehouse in Lagos state to pick it up.

That brings us to the end of shopping from using USA address.

Gadgets importation from USA – How to buy goods from using address

For you to buy any goods from,

  • There is need for you to have PAYPAL account in other for you to make payment.
  • It’s mandatory to VERIFY phone number and
  • You need to have shoptmydoor address.

To get Paypal account, you will need to register on the platform If you do not have account with them already. After registering with PayPal, you will need to link your Bank account to your Paypal account in other for you to fund your PayPal account.

Use your real bank account details such as surname and other names to register on Paypal, Shoptomydoor and

Do not use nickname in any of these registrations so that you will not encounter any issue due to name mismatch when buying and shipping goods on these platforms.

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How to open and verify paypal account in Nigeria coming soon…

After successful registration, go to your dashboard and click on payment to link your BANK CARD.

You can then go to digicircle to complete registration and start buying.

Gadgets importation from USA – How to purchase from Digicircle

First thing is to click on this link and click sign in (

Digicircle homepage

Then click on sign up and fill in the details

Digicircle sign up

Fill in your details and do well to tick  Consumer User  when registering as a new member. Make sure the name you use in registering is same with Shoptomydoor to aid in shipping later.

Choose the relevant in  learned about  and tick I am not a robot to verify that you are a human being.

Digicircle fill form

After you click on Register, there will a link sent to you mail to verify your mail. Go to your mail, open the message they sent to you in other to verify your account.

After verification, sign in to your account and click on My Account on dashboard.

Digicircle - my account

Then the following will come up as regards updating your account profile:

  1.  Phone Number (US phone number) . You can get this United States phone number via free SMS website (, and others websites. You can Google search it to see more websites that offer United States free phone numbers to people.
  2.  Company Name (use any name you wish to use)
  3.  Address (your shoptomydoor account) – This is the United States address that shoptomydoor has offered to you. To get this address, log in to shoptomydoor account dashboard and copy the United States address they have provided for you.

Click on update to update each one.

Digicircle - update detials

Before updating, you have to click Review and Acknowledgement. See image below.

Digicircle - review & acknowledgement
Digicircle - terms of use

Then it brings you to this page to update your phone number.

Digicircle - update phone number

You can pause here to get a free temporary United States phone number to verify.

How to get a USA phone number

To get your free United States (US) phone number to verify on Digicircle, go to or you can search for any other website that offers free United States phone number. You can search via Google or other search engines.

In this article I used  to generate a free United States phone number. If you wish to use, follow the steps below to see how you can generate your United States phone number.

Go to and when it opens you select the US flag or Canadian flag. Let’s use US for this case study.

Smsreceivefree homepage

After clicking the US flag, you will be redirected to a page where you see 14 temporary phone numbers. Copy any of the phone numbers to Digicircle.

Smsreceivefree - select a number

Then go back to digicircle and click update phone number and copy this latest phone number and post it as shown in the image below.

Smsreceivefree - get verification code

Then go back to smsreceivefree or any of free sms online you use and check for verification code and paste it in Digicircle.

Once your phone number is verified, you can then update the rest details.

Next step is how to make payment on digicricle

Payment is made via PayPal that’s linked to your BANK CREDIT card on platform.

Because of the fact that the fraud level online by lazy Nigerian is much, PayPal do not accept Nigerians on their platform. I will be teaching us secret to be able to open PAYPAL as a Nigerian in my next article.

After you have successfully registered and update your Phone number, Company name and Address on Digicircle, you can now search, buy and ship to your country using Shoptomydoor platform.

How to search when buying from digicircle platform

Look carefully at the below image to see how to search and filter products on Digicircle platform.

Digicircle search

Look carefully at the below image to see how to search and filter products on Digicircle platform.

Digicircle - filter search

The above image shows how your search will look like if and only if your search if available. But if not, it means they do not have it available at that moment in their website.


If you wish to import gadgets from the United States or from other foreign countries, this article includes easy and well explained ways that one can follow to import gadgets in Nigeria while staying at home.

Please make sure to follow all the steps that I provide in this article to avoid having issues when buying, making payment and shipping your goods to Nigeria.

If you have any questions, use the comment section below to ask your questions.


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