Inspiration ? The ultimate ambition for your purpose in life

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Inspiration which is the ultimate ambition for your purpose in life is an essential factor in your success in this life. If you have knowledge of something you can do and someone inspired you, you will boom.

Some people know that they can be able to do somethings; but if they lack inspiration which is the ultimate ambition for your purpose in life, they may not start it.

Life is about ups and down even when you are doing the right thing you are meant to do. There are many ways to do something or to achieve something in life – some may seem to be too difficult or easy, and some will push you to where you will encounter other challenges in life.

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1 What is my point?

Some places where you will get to in this life can come as a result when some things are added to your life or when some things are removed from you or even when some things you already have will be multiplied.

Examine the below mathematical oppression carefully

2 + 5 = 7.6 + 1 = 7.3 + 4 = 7.7 – 0 = 7.49 / 7 = 7.
7 + 0 = 7.  9 – 2 = 7. 8 – 1 = 7.11 – 4 = 7.15 – 8 = 7.
14 / 2 = 7. 21 / 3 = 7.70 / 10 = 7. 7 x 1 = 7. 56 / 8 = 7.

What is my point?

My point is that there are so many ways of getting to your final destination inspiration matters –

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From research and past experiences from people, we have realized that many people get to their final destination after much struggling and suffering. Some people in the process of trying to get to their final destination, they encountered destiny helper who assist them materially and finally and make sure that they achieve what they have been planning to achieve in life. Other people worked hard and was able to get to their final destination in life.

What matters is that He will take you to your destination if you don’t give up –


If you are walking with God, He will surely take you to your destination that is if you didn’t give up on God. God promised us in His words that He know the thoughts that He think towards us, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give us an expected end – Jeremiah 29:11. The word of God is God himself – John 1:1. If you believe in God and walk with Him, He will surely lead you to your destination.

At times, you get there by adding things and people in your life – wise inspiration  

Things that you may add include knowledge, experience, wisdom, skills etc. Things that you add to your life can make you influential and other people will start seeking for you because of what you have in you. Inspiration can push you to learn a skill that will make you successful in life. People that you add in your life such as mentors, advisers, your leaders who you submit to can assist you in one way or the other to reach your final destination on time through the word that they impact on your steady.

Inspiration - destination
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Other times you will get there by subtracting certain things and people from your life through inspiration


People who grew up in a place where their mind almost get corrupted due to the type of friends they have engaged with and the background where they were brought up can decide to subtract some things from their life in other for them to get to their destination. Many people never get to their final destination because of the type of friend that they keep within their lives and within some period of time they found out that they have started behaving, thinking, acting like those people that they have been mingling with – this people gave them inspiration.

Other times, you may need the multiplying effect of seed, information and relationships –  

Some people who understood the principles of SEED TIME AND HARVEST invest their: time, skills, knowledge, money etc. because they know that whatever thing they sowed will actually come back to them and when returning to them it will be multiplied. Information is a key to success in that someone may inform you that there is an opportunity for you to achieve and you can utilize it and succeed. Making reasonable relationships helps one to get to his/her destination through those relationships.

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Other times, division and separation might be inevitable –


People who discovered their purpose in life may find it difficult to change from what life had called them to do or to become. All their efforts to divert to another channel may be in vain because their life purpose was suited to do something else. Some people whom God called to serve Him may want to depart from God’s ways but on trying to do such they will be facing so many challenges and those challenges may be signs that God is showing them not to depart from His ways.

Some of these may not be fun but inspiration matters


Most times people encounter serious challenges on trying to get to their destination because most of them do not know their purpose on earth i.e. the reason why God created them here on earth. This will be challenges they will be facing on trying to learn one thing or the other – inspiration matters. The struggles can also come when people tries to move from one place in their life to another in other to find greener pasture.

When “2” was alone it may not have been comfortable until “5” was added –


Some people succeed in life by forming groups or team of work and this will lead to the success of all of them that formed the team. A good example is Google team. Google started in a garage and today they are well known with many businesses that they handle world-wide.

What matters in inspiration is not the (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) –  

Some people who discovered the reason why they are here on earth knows that God who created them knows the thoughts he think towards them even if they didn’t add much knowledge or skills, will still in one way or the other get to their destination in life.

Yes, the process may differ when you get inspiration. But the destination is still the same –


People who have the same purpose on earth may undergo different processes but they will still arrive at the destination that God has planned for them in life. Some people experience so many challenges on trying to get to their destination but after all those challenges, they will still arrive to their destination.

All things will work together for your good and expected end…Don’t give up on the process of inspiration –


Those who trust their God know that with God all things will actually work together for their good. Sometimes God will allow you to pass some difficult tests to make you strong in faith. From stories, people who not experience suffering for God usually backslide later in their lives as Christians.

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You are a tool. Do not reject The Lord when He adds and subtracts things –


People who understood that they are like pen in the hands of their creator always allow God to put them to some suffering because they know that they are still in the making process where God will add and subtract things from their lives. Unfortunately if you reject God when He exposes you to suffering, you will know that you have create chances for the devil to steal your destination away from you. Get inspiration today.

Do not resist. And in the process learn to let go when He subtracts –


God can deal with some areas in your life and the reason for doing this is for you to let go certain things in your life. Trying to resist the voice of God may lead to delay on getting to your destination in life.

Stop crying, lamenting, and drowning in tears of pity and fear of moving on when someone gives you inspiration –


When challenges arises, the devil may be whispering to you to quit whatever you are doing at that moment. But this is not the solution to it because the devil has nothing good for anybody. The devil come to kill, steal and to destroy anything that is found useful in your life. So beware.

Every circumstance is building you for the castle The Lord has prepared for you –


If you have read some books of people that have followed God and you see the challenges they faced and the reason why God allowed them to face such challenges in life, you will find out that every circumstance is building you to be strong for the next phase of what God has planned for you.Inspiration also comes by reading books.

All things will work together for your good…Head or tail you will win – 

A man of God said that,

“Those who have succeeded most in this life are those who are not afraid of failure.”

People who know their God and those are not afraid of failure know that no matter the challenges that they face, they will still get to their destination by getting inspiration from God

Don’t give up on the process. As when you get inspiration. Don’t walk away from the game. The match has already been decided in your favor –


Those who endure all the sufferings that they will encounter in life will finally get to their destination. So don’t give up during the training process because everybody will have reward at the end.


You will be what God has destined you to be by his grace if you will endure all those difficult processes that may tempt you to reject the Lord.

Inspiration is an essential factor. Trying to get to your destination can attract many things that include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In all of them, try to ??? be happy!!! ???


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