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1. How to install WordPress on any web host [beginners guide]
Install WordPress on web host

WordPress can be installed on your web host by downloading WordPress file (.zip) and upload it manually in your preferred web host.

I’ll show you the easiest way to install WordPress and the steps you should follow.

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2. How to Find Free WordPress Themes and Properly Install Them ?
Free WordPress themes

Before you can successfully obtain a WordPress theme that is free from malware, you need to make sure that you download from a reputable source.

Also you need to scan every free theme to know if they contain any virus.

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3. How to create WordPress contact form without plugin (Ultimate guide) ?
wordpress contact forms

Most people recommends creating a page template first. But there is no need for that in this guide.

Of recent I made series of research coupled with troubleshooting (as a tech guru) and I discovered a trick that works perfect in all WordPress websites. So I decided to share it (as a passionate blogger).

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4. How to Add Share Buttons to WordPress without Plugin ☑
add share buttons to WordPress without plugin

I have written a nice but simple code that will help you to achieve this. While following the below steps on how to achieve this, if you encounter any challenges use the comment section to tell us where you have issues.

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5. How to View the Source Code of Any Website [ultimate guide] ☑
View the Source Code of Any Website

When a user views the source code of any website, the result that will be presented to him/her will be the HTML layout of that particular web page (alongside other external files that makes up that web page).

For example when you view the source code of JonakyBlog, the result will be the HTML & CSS codes that renders the layout of JonakyBlog arranged in a sequential order.

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6. How to Buy Domain & Hosting Account on Any Web Host [Start Here]
Domain name and web hosting

There are several places where you can buy domain names as well as web hosting accounts.

I will share with you the two (2) recommended and trusted websites where you can buy domains and hosting accounts at a cheaper rate.

Their quality have been tested and trusted by thousands of users all over the world.

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7. How to Upload Apk and Other Files in WordPress [100% working] ?

WordPress allows you to upload image, audio and video. They do this for security reasons. But many WordPress users blog on different categories and sometimes needs to upload other files apart from images, audio and video.

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