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How to Download YouTube Videos in All Devices [the easy way]

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Have you ever asked yourself a question like; how can I download YouTube videos in all my devices? Maybe you come across a YouTube video that you wish to download in your device so that you can watch it later.

Or it may be that you want to document a YouTube video for conducting seminar or tutorial without going back to YouTube to stream it live again?

As the case may be, you may want to have YouTube videos in your device so that you can share it to your friends without any data connection.

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I have organized a simple and detailed method of downloading all YouTube videos using any device of your choice.

Download YouTube Videos in Windows or Mac PC

Step 1 – Go to and click on the video you wish to download.

With a browser in your PC, go to and click on the video you want to download. When the video opens and start playing, you can purse it if you wish to. Then click on the browser tab that contains the active website link and edit the link.

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Upon editing, add “ss” to the original link of that YouTube video. For example is the original link. But after editing, it will look like this

Hope you observed the “ss” before youtube… in the edited link above?

Step 2 – Download different formats of your choice

When you clicked on the edited link above (The link with “ss” in front of youtube), it will redirect you to where you can now download the video.

Note: has many download formats of which you can select your choice depending on the quality of video you want to have in your device.

Select the format of your choice by simply clicking in the drop down button right after the download button and hit download button. have formats like: mp4, 3gp, WEBM etc.

Remember: have some pop under advertisements. So when you click on download, it will automatically redirect you to a new tab. You can navigate to your previous tab and click on download again to continue your download.

Have in mind that you can as well RENAME the video you’re downloading to your favorite name. By default some browsers will name it “videoplayback”.

Download YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices

Downloading YouTube videos on mobile devices like Android, iPhone, or Windows devices is now possible with this simple trick.

Step 1 – With your browser open the YouTube video you want to download

Downloading with mobile devices is similar to that of desktop just that you have to remove the “m.” before the YouTube link. For example is the original link.

When you’re editing the link, remove the “m.” and add “ss” so that your new link will now look like this

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Step 2 – Select Your Format and Hit Download

Choose from the drop down menu the quality of the video you want to download and begin your download.

Download YouTube Videos Directly from YouTube App

Step 1 – Take straightforward from YouTube App

If you’re using the latest version of YouTube App that you installed from Google Play store, you can directly download from the app.

Although that is if don’t want to download different video formats by using

  • Click on the video you want to download
  • Click on Download button just below the video. Normally its in-between “share and save” buttons
  • Select the video quality want to download and continue your download

Step 2 – Copy the video link to your browser

If your mobile device does not support the latest YouTube app, you can download YouTube videos by using the “ss” trick. To do this, follow below procedures

  • From YouTube app, open the video you want to download and click on share button below the image
  • A pop up will be displayed in your screen, showing you different apps you can share the video to. Click on “Copy link”
  • Open your web browser and paste the link you copied above
  • Before you load the link, edit it – remove “m.” and add “ss” just before youtube…
  • When it redirects you to, select the quality you want and click on download

If your browser didn’t start downloading the video automatically, try to click in the three (3) dots if the video is playing in the background.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that some YouTube videos that are restricted from downloading cannot be downloaded using this method.


Now you can easily document YouTube videos and use it for research or learning purposes without any data connection. Using the above methods, students can store videos for study intentions.

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