Samsung phones: Best Samsung phones & all info about them

Samsung phones

In the market today, Samsung phones have gotten the heart of so many smartphone users, because of their unique features and sleek design.

Samsung flip phones allow users to fold the phone when not in use and also unfold it to become a normal size android phone with about 6 inches display screen when they want to enjoy their smartphone.

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Samsung Electronics Company is very popular in the electronics market today because of their wide range of products; some of their electronics products include refrigerators, fans, televisions, watches, computers, etc.

Samsung mobiles come with a special chipset from Samsung which enables the phones to display over 16 million colors with its amazing screen resolution.

Unlike other phone manufacturing companies, Samsung mobiles are superb both in their interior and exterior design.

The technical know-how in Samsung phones makes its users more convenient while using their products; in as much as they know that they can get support right away from their comfort zones.

Top trending Samsung phones in the market today

Have you been searching for the best Samsung phones that will suit your mobile activities? Below are the most purchased Samsung mobiles in the world today.

Samsung phones

Also, these Samsung phones have positive reviews from users who have used them for some months.

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Galaxy Z Flip3 5GGalaxy A12 Nacho
Galaxy M22Galaxy M32 5G
Galaxy A03sGalaxy A52s 5G
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GGalaxy M21 2021
Galaxy F22Galaxy M32
Galaxy A22 5GGalaxy A22
Galaxy Tab S7 FEGalaxy F52 5G
Galaxy M42 5GGalaxy M12
Galaxy Quantum 2Galaxy F12
Galaxy F02sGalaxy A72
Galaxy A52 5GGalaxy A52
Galaxy Xcover 5Galaxy A32
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GGalaxy S21+ 5G
Galaxy M62Galaxy A32 5G
Galaxy M02sGalaxy A12
Galaxy M02Galaxy A02
Galaxy A02sGalaxy M21s
Galaxy M31 PrimeGalaxy F41
Galaxy Tab Active3Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Galaxy S20 FEGalaxy A42 5G
List of the best rated Samsung phones in the market

Which Samsung phones is the best value for money?

From user reviews, people have rated below Samsung phones for their value regardless of the price they purchased them. We recommend the below Samsung phones if you’re intending to get one.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus – This Samsung phone is tagged as the best for flagship lovers.
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s – Users reviewed it as the best budget Samsung phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G – From Samsung Galaxy fold series, this is the most foldable phone that is worth buying.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – Superb and extra sweet Samsung phone (most valued).
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – This is a mid-range Samsung phone with some cool fantastic features.

Which phone is better Samsung A or S?

Samsung phones that run in the S series are found to be more powerful than other Samsung mobiles that were categorized in the J and A series.

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The spectacular features of these S series Samsung phones are very unique and superb. They are found to have great computing powers and they always process information faster because of their powerful processors.

Meanwhile, these features make the S series of Samsung mobiles to be more costly than other mobile handsets from the same company.

Samsung phones

The screen of the S series type of Samsung phone is clearer and brighter when compared to other Samsung mobiles.

Samsung S series phone model has good loudspeakers which filter the sound that comes out of these phones; thereby making the sound be heard well in the human ear.

Is Samsung S7 waterproof/take pictures underwater?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a water resistance device that can stay up to 30 minutes when immersed in water without getting damaged.

taking underwater selfie

This Samsung Galaxy S7 is an IP68 mobile device; this means that it is resistant not only to water but to dust as well.

 What does the A mean in Samsung Galaxy?

The “A” in Samsung Galaxy means “Alpha”. These Samsung Galaxy A series are mid-range Samsung phones which use the Android Operating System for its functionality.

This Samsung Galaxy A series is also a product of Samsung Electronics Company.

Samsung phones,

When compared to other Samsung products, these “A” series is an average phone that users who love Samsung phones can as well afford with the little cash they have.


Samsung phones are one of the reigning phone models in the mobile phone market today. This is because of its awesome design, superb cameras, ultimate screen resolutions, long life span, etc.

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If you want to enjoy using a smartphone, we recommend Samsung mobiles for you. So many reviews from users report proving that Samsung manufactures a fast performing and nice-looking mobile phone.


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