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Samsung galaxy watches: Read all info about Samsung galaxy watches

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Samsung galaxy watches have been amazing because of their sleek design and wonderful features which are powered by modern technology.

This watch has so many features that smartphones have today and it also runs on its Operating System which is Tizen 5.5 Operating System.

Samsung Electronics Company started producing these super amazing watches in August 2018. Right from then, its demand in the market has been high because of the sleek design and features.

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These Samsung galaxy watches have assorted versions such as SM-R805F, SM-R805N, SM-R815F, SM-R815N, SM-805U, SM-805W, SM-815U, SM-815W, SM-R8050, etc.

Although some of these versions are not being sold in the global market. Samsung Electronics Company manufactured some of these products for some countries like the USA, China, Canada, etc.

The core features that you need to know about this Samsung galaxy watch are elucidated below.

The Network of Samsung galaxy watches

These awesome Samsung galaxy watches are designed to fully function in modern network technology such as GSM, HSPA, and LTE.

It runs at a speed of about 42.2/5.76 Mbps; that is when operating with LTE.

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The body of Samsung galaxy watches

The body dimension of Samsung galaxy watches was found to be 49 x 46 x 13 mm (1.93 x 1.81 x 0.51 in). The overall weight measured 63g.

Samsung galaxy watches

This super performing Samsung watch was built with stainless steel frame and Gorilla Glass in the front. It also uses eSIM as the SIM port.

Display – Samsung galaxy watches

Samsung galaxy watches use a super AMOLED display type which is about 1.3 inches in size.

Samsung galaxy watches come with a 360 x 360 pixels resolution which is about 278 ppi in density.

It also featured a Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ as its protection glass.

Platform – Samsung galaxy watches

The Samsung galaxy watches runs on Tizen 5.5 Operating System, with Exynos 9110 chipset and Dual-core 1.15 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU.

Memory – Samsung watches

This smartwatch comes with an internal memory of 4GB 768MB RAM, 4GB 1.5GB RAM; but there is no port if you want to expand the memory using card slot options.

Camera – Samsung watches

Unfortunately, these Samsung galaxy watches don’t have any cameras.

Sound – Samsung galaxy watches

It comes with a loudspeaker; with this, you can listen to sounds directly from your smartwatches.

In case if you have wired headphones, this watch didn’t come with a 3.5mm jack for listening to sound/music using headphones. But with its Bluetooth features, you can connect to an ear pod for external sounds.

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Communications – Samsung galaxy watches

This watch comes with WLAN – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth – 4.2, A2DP, LE, and GPS – Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS.

There is no USB or radio in these smartwatches.

Samsung galaxy watches

It also comes with some sweet sensors that are found in smartphones, such as Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, Natural language commands, and dictation, Samsung Pay

Battery – Samsung watches

This watch features a non-removable 472 Li-Ion mAh battery which can last up to 72 hours in mixed usage.

This awesome watch supports Qi wireless charging. With all these super features, the price of Samsung galaxy watches is around 220 EUR. Though this price depends on your country region.

What is the best Samsung smartwatch to buy?

Below are some of the latest Samsung smartwatches in the market today:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Smartwatch.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Smartwatch.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit Tracker.

What are the different Samsung Galaxy watches?

Product NameModel numberOS
Samsung Galaxy WatchSM-R800 (46mm) SM-R805 (46mm/Cellular) SM-R810 (42mm) SM-R815 (42mm/Cellular)Tizen
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3SM-R855F SM-845F (Global, LTE model) SM-R855U SM-R845U (USA, LTE model) SM-R850, SM-840 (Wi-Fi only)Tizen

What is the latest Samsung Watch 2021?

The latest Samsung Galaxy watch currently is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 which was released in mid of 2021. This brand is now available worldwide. It also comes in different sizes.

Which Samsung watch can you talk on?

Some of these smartwatches like Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch4, or Galaxy Watch4 Classic, etc. comes with eSIM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi which can allow you to talk to the watch probably for communication or sensor controlling the watch.

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Are Samsung watches good?

The Samsung Galaxy watches are very good and users review it as the best smartphone that Samsung Electronics Company has ever produced in the entire history.

This rating was because of its sleek design, long battery life, powerful display, as well as its OS.

Is Fitbit better than Samsung?

Though Fitbit comes with some great features, some of these Samsung watches; for example, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has Bluetooth and LTE connectivity which can help the user to achieve so many things with the smartwatch.

Can you text on a Samsung watch?

Yes! With the amazing features that this Samsung watch comes with, one can create a new message on the go as well as make calls and browse the internet with its 4g fast network.

With its eSIM, RAM, sensors, battery, and other features, you can enjoy these smartwatches the way you enjoy your Samsung smartphones.

How long does a galaxy watch last?

From the review, Samsung claimed that their 472-mAh battery in the 46mm model will last up to 72 hours in mixed usage. Although this is companies claim and not a direct user review.


Samsung galaxy watches have been trending in the market because of the nice, sleek, and modern tech features that these watches come with.

This watch can last for years if you handle it well while using it. Though the price is quite high, it is still affordable for your outfit.