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Complete Info on Foremedia Review [Best Adsense Alternative]

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In this article I’ll give you a detailed info on Foremedia ads network review based on the research we carried out recently.

Over the years Google Adsense terms and conditions for publishers has become so strict to the point that many publishers are getting banned every day.

Even when some publishers avoid self-clicking their ads, Google Adsense sometimes get them banned from invalid traffic in their website.

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A new advertising network known as Foremedia just came out to assist publishers who were unable to get involved with Google Adsense again.

Foremedia approves publisher’s websites faster as they don’t consider the amount of daily traffic that visits your website. Even if you have only 5 visitors per day, Foremedia will still approve your website.

Is Foremedia Review Important?

Yes! JonakyBlog have decided to review Foremedia ads network because they are just a new popular advertising network.

Many people are talking about them, so we have taken out time research about them in order to serve you with the best information.

See other important facts about Foremedia ads network review below ⤵

Foremedia Review – Is it a Google Adsense Alternative?

We have classified Foremedia as one of the best Google Adsense alternative because they resell Google Adsense ads.

They also have their native ads that displays both images and text ads in your website.

Unlike other Google Adsense alternatives such as Propeller & Adsterra, Foremedia ads are not annoying. Foremedia don’t have any “pop under” ads as their ads can only react when you click on them.

There is no minimal traffic requirements for getting approved by Foremedia ads network, unlike that requires daily 50,000 traffics.

Since Foremedia Ads Network resells Google Adsense ads, their ads is exactly the same as Google Adsense ads apart from their native ads.

You can easily chat with their customer service directly from your dashboard to ask questions concerning ad placements, earning rates and other helps that you may need as a publisher.

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We at JonakyBlog have reviewed Foremedia Ads Network as one of the best Google Adsense alternative.

Continue reading below to find out more info about them.

Who are Foremedia Ads Network?

Just like Google Adsense, and other ad networks; is an advertising network that allow publishers to earn money from their website by displaying advertisement.

According to Foremedia they are an innovative digital display advertising network that unites the advertisers and publishers through its self-serve platform.

Foremedia enable publishers to earn both from CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression); this means that all your traffic are being monetized.

Also as other ad networks do, Foremedia allows advertisers to run campaign with them in order to reach wider audience.

Foremedia Payment Proof

From our bloggers forum, a blogger shared his payment proof to us, confirming that Foremedia ads network is not a scam at all.

According to him, his earning was paid to his local bank account as a Nigerian. With this info, JonakyBlog have concluded that Foremedia ad network is 100% legit.

See more details from his withdrawal in the images below


On a conversation with a blogger by name Eniola Samuel Ayodele, he got his payment from Foremedia ad network on 15th June.

According to him, the payment was sent direct to his local bank account here in Nigeria. The image above is a clear proof of the conversation with him.

A manuscript receipt of $362 payment issued by Foremedia network team

Though Foremedia CPC is very low, this enthusiastic blogger have earned some $$$ from Foremedia ads and his earnings have crossed Foremedia threshold which is $100.

So his proof of payment have clarified everyone that Foremedia is really paying. If you have any issue with Google Adsense, foremedia is another alternative that still displays smart ads like that of Google Adsense.


His earning from Foremedia ads network dancing inside his bank account.

If you’re still reviewing Foremedia, this is a clean proof that they are not scam. You can use it to monetize your website because they have been confirmed as 100% legit.

What Proves That Foremedia Ads Network Is Legit?

We at JonakyBlog have gotten a proof of payment from a blogger who used Foremedia ads to monetize his network.

Publishers using Foremedia ads should bear in mind that they have some percentage of your daily earnings because they are reselling Google Adsense ads.

This is the core reason why their CPC is very low. In case Google Adsense banned you, you can manage Foremedia ads.

With this info, we have made a final decision that Foremedia is 100% legit.

We promise to regularly update this article in order to serve you the latest info about Foremedia Ad Network.

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What Are The Requirements To Get Approved By Formedia Ads Network?

All you need to get approved by Foremedia ad network is to have a good looking website that have some meaningful contents inside.

Foremedia hardly reject websites because the company is new and they want to have a large number of publishers all over the world.

Irrespective of your domain URL, the company seems to accept subdomain URL such as and

Regardless of your daily web traffic, the company approves every good website.

How To Register As A Publisher In Foremedia Ads Network

To start monetizing your website traffic with Foremedia, follow the steps below: go to and click on

  1. Go to
  3. You’ll be directed to publisher’s page. Still click on “MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC” to create a new account
  4. Fill in your details: name, URL, country etc.

After a successful registration, you’ll receive a congratulatory message in your email. Below the message, you’ll see four things you need to do in order for their team to approve your website.

These includes;

  • Setting up Ads.txt
  • Analytics setup
  • Payments setup
  • The time it takes for your website to get approved

How To Setup Your Foremedia Publisher Account On WordPress

For you to properly setup your Foremedia publisher account and get approved within three days, follow the guide below.

I have written a detailed article using proper screenshots on how you can setup your Foremedia publisher account on WordPress.

Read it here →→→ How to setup Ads on WordPress [Beginners Guide]

What Category Of Ads Does Foremedia Displays?

This ad company serves four different types of advertisements (Ad Format) in their publishers website.

They include;

  1. Native Ad – This is the company’s ads from their advertisers. Not Google Adsense ads.
  2. Display Ads – This includes ads that displays in accordance with the ad code that you placed.
  3. Pop Ads – These are ads that automatically display by itself. They can display in your header menu or other places by itself.
  4. Push Notification Ads – These are ads that floats in your website footer without you setting it up.

Foremedia Review – How Does Foremedia Ads Looks Like?

From my review, foremedia ads displays in two different formats namely: as Google Adsense ads and as Foremedia native ads.

As Google adsense ads, see image below

foremedia review - foremedia like adsense
Image showing how Foremedia ads resembles Google Adsense ads
foremedia review - foremedia ads
Image showing how Foremedia ads resembles Google Adsense ads

Foremedia native ads preview on a website

foremedia review - foremedia native ads
Image showing Foremedia native ads

Foremedia Review – How Does Foremedia Ads Network Works?

Foremedia records their publishers earning when people see an advert on the publisher’s website and when someone clicks on the advert.

Their dashboard which is similar to Google Adsense dashboard shows publisher’s a detailed statistics of their daily, weekly and monthly earning.

From our research Foremedia copied most things from Google Adsense such as their dashboard layout and even the ads they display on publishers website.

Image showing Foremedia dashboard

Foremedia Review – How Does Foremedia Ads Network Pay Their Publishers?

They offer two methods of payments which include;

  • Bank Payment – Just like Google Adsense pays publishers direct to their bank irrespective of the country.
  • PayPal – Normal PayPal payment which is recognized all over the world.
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How Many Days Does It Take For Foremedia Ads Network To Approve A Website Into Their Platform?

According to Foremedia, it takes only 3 days (72 hours) for a new website to be approved for publishing ads.

But in some cases it can take up to 7 business days for your website to be approved.

Once your website is approved, Foremedia team will send you an email telling you that your website has been approved.

How Can I Access My Foremedia Dashboard?

For you to login to your dashboard to see the details of your earning, login from

Foremedia Review – Is Foremedia Ads Network For Bloggers?

Yes! As a blogger, you can successfully monetize your blog with Foremedia ads.

Reason is that – they pay their publishers when a visitor sees their ads on your blog (CPM) and when a visitor clicks on their ads on your blog (CPC).

However, publishers have more chances to make money with Foremedia ads network.

How Many Countries Does Foremedia Support?

Foremedia supports all the countries in the world. As a publisher or advertiser, your country does not matter.

Foremedia Review – Who Is The Owner Of Foremedia.Net?

Foremedia is part of ForeShop Group a digital marketing company based in Israel that manages around 700 content websites in various niches across all verticals.

How Can I Contact Foremedia Ads Network?

You can contact Foremedia customer support through their official email ?

They also provide a chat button in your Foremedia dashboard which you can use to live chat with their review team.


If you were banned by Google Adsense, this is an opportunity for you to monetize your website again with similar ads.

Some Foremedia publishers have testified that Foremedia earning is better than that of Adsterra and propeller ads.

Though Foremedia don’t pay as Google Adsense because they are collecting some commission from each of their publisher’s earning.

We have reviewd foremedia as one of the best Google Adsense alternative in the sense that they easily approve websites and still serve Google Adsense ads.

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  1. Thanks for this information. This is the best foremedia review I came across on Google. You wrote everything I have been looking for about this Ads network. Thumbs up. Nice write up

    1. Hi Odogwu!
      I’m very happy that you find my content useful. JonakyBlog tends to share the best knowledge to the world.

  2. Nice article write-up. I just applied for and started using this Ad network on some of my 4 websites. Wanted to get an in-depth review of the network.

    Your article was of great help.

    1. Hi Daniel Olumohunle!
      According to Foremedia Team, you’ll receive your payment once you earn $100.
      Some publishers have withdraw their earnings from Foremedia direct to their local banks.

  3. This article is well organized and informative. Thank you for making out time to collect this details in one place for us. Very helpful.
    Meanwhile, how can I stop the pop ads and manually set up my ads?

    1. Hi Joseph Edem Bassey!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Foremedia by default allow those auto ads, for example – the footer fixed ad, the ad below the menu bar and some ads that appear before and after your post as well as your sidebar.
      I once chatted Foremedia team concerning the behavior of ads, but I later find out that those ads placements are fixed in their database ad structure.
      You can still contact Foremedia team to know if there is any improvement on how to manually set up ads.

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