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Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Net Worth & Other Info in 2021

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In this post, I’ll give you details of cubana chief priest biography, his current net worth, his latest cars, his source of income, his house, etc.

With his real name as Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu was born in Imo State, Nigeria.

He is a businessman and a promoter – he owns a Club Xhrine in Owerri, which was founded by him in the year 2020.

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This “Club Xhrine” was launched in December 2020 and it became one of the biggest shows in Owerri, Imo state.

His daily expenses surprise everyone and people wondered how he became a billionaire within a short period.

A brief biography of Cubana chief priest

Cubana chief priest is a native of Umuhu Okabia, in Orsu Local Government Area of Imo state.

This young billionaire was born on 2nd April 1981 and he is the second son of his parents.

Because his parents were not so rich, he was raised in his childhood in his village.

As time goes on, he later moved to Aba city in Abia state. He is an inborn business-oriented guy, he immediately got interested and learned how to make shoes in Aba, Abia state.

He consistently continued to push his shoe-making business forward after he had mastered how to make different kinds of shoe by himself.

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He was able to save his first 1 Million Naira from his shoemaking business, of which he got most of his potential customers in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, when he was still an undergraduate.

Cubana chief priest has a passion for music when was very young and he had the intention to be a music artist (musician).

Because of some challenges he had from his family background, his vision toward becoming a musician was withheld.

Though he was a popular fan of some Nigerian musicians and the world as a whole.

From the info that he released on the internet and his social media pages, his hotel which is located at Owerri, Imo state became popular in 2018 when a well-known musician by the name Davido came to Owerri to perform a show.

Because of the popularity of Davido, a large multitude lodged in his hotel to watch Davido’s show, thereby making his massive hotel popular.

Who is the owner of Cubana chief priest?

Cubana chief priest is owned by a very popular young billionaire known as Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu aka Cubana of all the Chief.

He is an entertainment businessman who has so much interest in multiplying his wealth daily.

How rich is Cubana chief priest?

He suddenly becomes very popular. And now he is being listed among the richest entertainer in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Is he a graduate?

He acquired his doctorate from European American University.

He shared some convocation pictures to the world on his Instagram page, showing his success in his academic excellence.

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Who is Cubana Chief Priest wife?

He got married to his beautiful wife by the name De Angels Bar & Grill.

As of now, they have only two amazing sons name Chukwuebuka and Obinna.

Cubana Chief Priest Net worth 2021 (Updated)

His current net worth was estimated to be ₦1.2 billion (about $3 Million).

He raised this cool cash from his multiple businesses that generate income for him daily.

Apart from his entertainment and show promoting businesses, he also brands some companies for advertisement.

Cubana Chief Priest Cars

Cuban Chief Priest who became a billionaire in Naira within a short period owns different beautiful and eye-catchy cars which he used for his entertainment and flexing.

Some of his cars that were captured are Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes c-Class, Toyota Prado, Ferrari, Lexus LX, etc.

Cubana chief priest Instagram page

His official Instagram verified handle is cubana_chiefpriest. This verified account has over 2 Million followers.

Research shows that he doesn’t have any other social media fan pages.

Who is Cubana chief priest in BBNaija 2019?

He was recorded as one of the major sponsors of Mercy Eke at BBNaija 2019 series.

Due to his interest in entertainment, he didn’t mind how much he spent during that occasion.

According to Cubana Chief Priest, even if Mercy Eke won the BBNaija 2019 show or not, he was ready to pour out his money for the sponsorship.

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu phone number

Due to security reasons, Cubana chief priest’s phone number was not released in his Instagram page for people to contact him.

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If you want to get updates from him – relating his shows, businesses, etc. you can go to his Instagram page to know more about him.

The Cubana house

Cubana Chief Priest builds a massive and well-furnished house which he decorated for his lovely wife and his two kids.

The house project worth millions of Naira before it was completed.

Cubana chief priest hotel

This young millonaire own the Grand hotel that is in Abuja. This awesome hotel is located at 8km from the Cameroon Embassy.

His hotel is one of the well-known hotels that are fully furnished and also have restaurant inside of it.

His hotel has free private parking space, standard swimming pools and physical fitness center for exercising your body.

Cubana Chief Priest net worth 2021 in dollars

His net worth can be calculated in dollars by simply dividing his Nigeria net worth with the current dollar exchange rate.

In this post, we used exchange rate or $1 to ₦400. So approximately, we can say that Cubanas net worth in dollars is $3 Million.

Cubana chief priest summarized info

Full namePascal Chibuike Okechukwu
Date of birth2nd April 1981
State of OriginImo state
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
Sources of incomeEntertainment, show promoting, branding
Cubana Chief Priest official ClubClub Xhrine
Current net worth (Naira)₦1.2 billion


Though he was not born into a wealthy family, he pursues his vision at all costs.

All the success he is sharing with the world today didn’t come by him sleeping over his dreams. He was a hardworking man, who is ready to go the extra mile for his visions to come true.

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