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YouTube has been a free platform that allows users from any location to share videos and stream live events as they happen to the entire globe.

From the time that the internet became a source of information to millions and billions of people in the world, this platform has as well help genuine and quality content creators to earn some cash from the platform.

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This platform has also helped website owners reserve their web storage space in their server storage.

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This is done by allowing them to upload their videos first to their YouTube channel and then embed the link to their website.

Many individuals prefer watching movie series on YouTube since the platform is like a TV channel where one can view HD quality graphics in a stream.

A good number of individuals are earning from this platform and this is one of the major reasons why thousands of people are on the train to be YouTubers.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and also a social media that is owned by an American company known as Google.

It was created by three great entrepreneurs name Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in the year 2005.

Later it was sold to Google for about $1.65 billion in 2006; that is around a year and some months after the platform was created.

When Google bought this platform, they altered so many things in it, including multiple streams of revenue through advertisement, offering room for paid content, etc.

People who are video content creators earn money from this platform by first applying for the YouTube monetization program.

Upon approval, they in turn display video and other ads in their video and this serves as a huge source of revenue to them.


This platform allows its users to upload videos which include but are not limited to: video clips, short films, live streams, feature films, audio recordings, movies, music videos, vlogs, homemade videos, etc.

Google account users are allowed to upload their video on this platform as well as subscribing to a channel, commenting on videos, liking and disliking videos, and also they can create a watch playlist.

These amazing features made people classify YouTube as a social media, in the sense that people can interact and share their suggestions or opinion.

Other users who do not have a Google account or probably are signed in with it, can only watch and share their favorite videos to their friends or other media handle.

What is the main purpose of YouTube?

YouTube was created to store videos online and also to allow people to stream videos without having to download them.

It also allows people to share those videos to their friends, other websites, or other social media handles by using the share button provided by the platform.

YouTube videos can be embedded into websites by embedding iFrame codes.

In as much as this platform has so many videos, it has a search button and different categories which can help people to locate particular videos for their careers.

With the help of AI and integrated server code in the YouTube algorithm, users can now see some suggested and related videos that contain likely what they are looking for.

Who was the first YouTuber?

According to YouTube analytics, the first YouTuber was Jawed Karim.

Though he was also one of the founders of YouTube; so he has every opportunity to create video content and upload them on this platform.

Can I make money on YouTube?

To make money on YouTube, you need to, first of all, create unique and amazing content.

Then you now need to apply for the YouTube monetization program, which upon approval will automatically place adverts before the beginning of your video on this platform.

Each time an advert is being displayed to a user who watches your video, you’ll be rewarded with some cents or dollars as the case may be.

Many video content creators are seriously earning a huge amount from their successful YouTube channel daily, even when they sleeping.

If you’re good at creating video content, we strongly encourage you to start a channel on this platform and monetize your channel.

How much does YouTube pay you per view?

Currently, YouTube doesn’t pay you per video view. Instead, they pay when a viewer watches an advertisement that is served to him or her.

Also when a viewer clicks on an advertisement that is being displayed at the beginning of videos on this platform, the video creator receives some dollars or cents.

Depending on the type of videos you have in your channel, the type of ads that are served to your viewers, your viewers’ location, etc. one can earn about $18 per 1,000 ad views.

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Imagine if you have thousands of views in your videos daily, you can earn a standard living from this platform.

Why is YouTube so successful?

YouTube became successful because they allow users to freely upload videos to their channel and earn serious cash from their video content when their channel is monetized.

Also, users can share videos on this platform as well as commenting and subscribing to certain channels that they like.

One can stream an event that is happening live on this platform without paying for the video that is being live-hosted for him.

Other videos can as well go viral when they are being uploaded on this platform because it has gained millions to billions of audiences all over the world.

This makes YouTube be the most popular video-sharing platform in the entire globe.

What are the disadvantages of YouTube?

  • Since this platform allows free upload, sometimes adult content is being uploaded; this can affect teenagers and kids.
  • Many people waste a lot of their daily lives on this platform
  • Video content creators often pirate someone’s videos
  • People may be insulted in the video’s comment section during a discussion

What is the first video on YouTube?

The first video on YouTube was titled “Me at the zoo” which was posted by a young guy named Jawed Karim.

This video was really short and it lasted for just 18 seconds. He was opportune to upload this first video on the platform because he was one of the cofounders of YouTube.

How rich are the founders of YouTube?

As of 2021, one of the founders of YouTube by name of Jawed Karim has a net worth of about $160 million, which sounds great.

Technology is rapidly advancing daily and those who are smart enough to innovate new ideas are massively making an impact on their financial status.

Who is the richest YouTuber in the world today?

Statistics recorded that the current richest YouTuber among other several popular YouTubers in the world today is Jeffree Star.

His net worth is over $200 million which was found higher than the net worth of Jawed Karim, who is one of the cofounder’s of YouTube.

The second richest YouTuber in the world is PewDiePie, whose net worth is $40 million.

Jeffree Star’s net worth is about five times that of the second richest YouTuber in the world.

Who owns YouTube right now?

Currently, Google is the owner of YouTube. Google bought this video-sharing platform from three young entrepreneurs by the name of Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in November 2006 at the cost of $1.65 billion.

YouTube is currently a property of Google Inc.

How many channels are there on YouTube?

Currently, there are over 37 million YouTube channels on this video-sharing platform.

Though some of the channels are not active; since their owners probably created them for fun or for other purposes which may not seem worthy of accounting it among other popular channels out there.

How to make money on YouTuber

There are several ways one can make money from YouTube, for creating valued content as well as creating entertaining videos.

Some of these ways are:

  • Selling or advertising companies or individuals products on his channel
  • By joining YouTube’s Partner program and display ads to people that view his videos
  • Providing options and links for people to willingly support him (fan funding)
  • By creating promotional videos for other channels
  • Through product recommendation (affiliate marketing)

Is subscribing to channels free?

Subscribing to any YouTube channel is free. All you need is to sign in to this platform with your Google account and then enjoy all other features like commenting, etc.

 Subscribing to channels is identical to “following” someone on Instagram or Facebook.

You’re just a click away from subscribing to any channel of your choice once you’re logged in with your Google account.

How do you contact someone on YouTube?

If you want to contact anyone on YouTube, simply click on the person’s display name which often appears below each video.

By doing so, you’ll be directed to the person’s channel. Inside his channel, you can click on “About”, then “Send Message”.

A field will be opened for you where you can type in your message and contact the channel owner privately.

Example of video on this platforms

Below is an example of how a YouTube video looks like

Can YouTuber videos be used for education?

The fact that YouTube allows people to upload different categories of videos for free makes it possible for people to educate each other through this platform.

A good number of videos in this platform were uploaded for educational purposes and people in the entire globe can now learn anything such as; graphics design, web development, house wiring, etc.

Many YouTube channels were created for tutorial purposes and this serves as an avenue for students who wish to upgrade his knowledge to just go to this video sharing network and search for whatever he/she wants.

Since YouTube started, it has helped a lot of students to carry out research on their research and in their school courses also.

Students see this platform as their online tutor that is practically oriented.

How do you become successful on this platform?

As a YouTuber, you can become successful by doing the following:

  • Researching on keywords that people often search and create videos on them
  • By learning from your competitors and know some of their secrets of getting so many views and subscribers
  • Writing some descriptions about your videos
  • You can also insert links that will engage your viewers
  • Master your audience and do what best works for you
  • Interact with viewers comments and know their responses concerning your videos

How many hours of video are watched on YouTube every day?

Currently, statistics recorded that YouTube has about 1,300,000,000 users of which an average of 300 hours of video are being uploaded to the platform almost every single minute of the day.

From this analysis, an average of 5 billion videos is continuously watched daily on this platform.

The watch time on YouTube is far greater than the number of users, this is because a user can watch so many videos in a day, and again – many unregistered users came to this platform to watch their favorite videos.

What is a YouTube URL?

A YouTube channel is like a link to a particular channel on this platform.

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An example of a YouTube channel is:

Once you have reached certain requirements, this platform can now allow you to customize your channel URL to a custom name such as or maybe

Who watches YouTube the most?

Currently, the United States of America is the most persons that watch YouTube videos among the entire globe.

Research recorded that though they have the highest number of viewers, they still supply only 16.4% of all the traffic that comes to YouTube daily.

This little percent amounts to over 190 million users just from the U.S.A alone.

Other countries that followed are India and Japan with 9.2% and 4.8% respectively.

Is YouTube a Web site?

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload an unlimited number of videos and to share with their friends as well.

The website was first created by three American entrepreneurs who later sold it to Google at about $1.65 billion.

Currently, YouTube has applications (software) in different operating systems; this means that YouTube can also be accessed apart from the URL from our internet browsers.

What is the longest video on YouTube?

Currently, the longest video on YouTube lasted for 596 hours. This video was uploaded by Jonathan Harchick and he intentionally titled it “THE LONGEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE”.

This video was uploaded in the year 2012 and since then to date, we have not recorded any other video that is longer than it.

Which is the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel?

As of now, the most subscribed YouTube channel is the “T-Series”, which is owned by an Indian music network.

This channel has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube with over 162 billion views.

The second most subscribed channel is Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes which has over 107 billion views.

How many subscribers do I need to get paid?

For new YouTubers who wish to monetize their channels, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past year.

As a YouTuber, once you reach that minimum threshold, you can apply for YouTube’s Partner Program, which is owned and managed by Google Inc.

If they review your application and noticed that you don’t have any issue in your account or channel, luckily they will approve you.

How much is YouTube worth now?

Google Inc. bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in the year 2006, but currently, Google has invested their ideas, time, finances, effort, etc. and 2020 analytics recorded that YouTube’s worth is $19.7 billion.

Google saw a vision on what this platform is going to turn out in the nearest future, that’s why they went ahead to purchase it as early as 2006.

Is YouTube a good career?

YouTube is quite an amazing career and successful YouTubers constantly earn passive income daily.

To succeed in this platform, you need to be a creative video content creator, as well as understanding your audience and what people are searching for.

Another thing is how to rank your videos in YouTube search – almost the same as SEO for websites.

If you understand these tricks, you’ll be able to get thousands to millions of views on each of your videos.

Who is a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is someone who creates video content for the world’s largest video sharing platform known as YouTube.

As a YouTuber, you can earn some dollars while you have fun with your video editing software or while working from your home.

Is watching YouTube bad for you?

Watching random YouTube videos is very bad for kids under the age of 13, in the sense that they are likely to be exposed to sexual immorality.

Most people are being addicted to videos on this network and this affects a good percentage of their daily lives.

Some videos (probably action videos) can be fearful to people that came across them. This can create a reflex action in their mind.

Is YouTube an educational tool?

YouTube has become one of the best educational tools in the world. Almost everything one can imagine in his/her mind has videos that cover it on this platform.

For instance, if one is a web developer enthusiast, all the materials and “how-to” that one can ever need in his career have been explained on this platform.

One can as well use this platform to reach millions of people from different locations at the same time.

This is possible with the “YouTube Live” option that one can use to go LIVE while shooting or recording a video.

Since emerged, knowledge has been free and easy to access from all over the world.

What are the benefits of using YouTube in the classroom?

We all know that videos and graphical illustrations create repetitive memory in our brains, videos on this platform can serve as good learning materials in our classrooms.

Below are some ways that YouTube can enhance our learning in the classroom:

  1. It enables us to have good laboratory demonstrations and experiments.
  2. With it, we have unlimited access to every knowledge that one wants to acquire
  3. It can be used to teach a large number of students using screens and projectors
  4. Students can use the comment section in YouTube to express their opinion and the video creator will respond to them with positive answers.
  5. The graphical display in our memory can stay long in our brains without much need to read textbooks.

Can YouTube help people to develop their careers?

Over half of people that can access the internet today use YouTube to develop their career.

Almost all the career that exist on earth today have several videos on this platform that describes in details how to go about it. Beginning from “Getting started” to advance to the point of becoming a master in that career.

If you want to become a web developer, graphics designer, or app developer, this platform has unlimited videos that you can watch and become a pro in your career without paying for the training.

Do you have a running business or you’re planning to start one? This amazing video-sharing platform has any video you can imagine in your mind.

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All you need is to use the “Search” button to find the exact or related video that you are looking for.

Is YouTube bad for my child?

Kids always get frightened by some things that they saw in a video; this most times grows some level of anxiety within our kids.

Kids under the age of 13 may be exposed to sexual acts while they watch some videos on this platform.

This is the major reason why parents and guardian should always instruct their kids on what to do as well as monitoring them as they are doing it.

Some fearful movies can cause kids to have negative imaginations in their minds.

What should a beginner post on YouTube?

As a beginner who is planning to create content in your channel, we strongly recommend that you follow below key points that will get you started:

  • Create awareness for your channel; you can do this by sharing your video URL to friends and forums
  • Search for what people are eager to watch and create a video on it
  • Do appropriate SEO in all your video
  • Use video editing software that you know how to work with
  • Follow people in your niche to see how they are growing their contents
  • Use a quality camera to capture your scenes
  • Filter background noise in all your videos
  • Seek to monetize your channel.

Is it hard to become a YouTuber?

? Someone may think that YouTube is all about uploading videos! ?

Becoming a successful YouTuber (Who is a YouTuber?) demands that you either be an outdoor scene video creator or that you’re a guru in handling video editing software.

To grow your channel and start earning from it, you must have invested heavily in your vlogging career.

Behind every successful entrepreneur, there are some background stories to tell!

Your new videos can take some months to start ranking well on search, and when this happens, a single video can fetch serious money for you in the next coming years.

So many people are venturing into becoming pros in video content creation, intending to be successful and earn passive income even when they are sleeping.

Can you get rich off of YouTube?

One who wants to use YouTube content creation as a business can seek 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, which is the minimum requirement for YouTube Partner Program.

Once you reach these requirements, your channel will be reviewed. Upon approval, you can be able to display ads in your videos and earn money.

Depending on the number of viewers you’re accumulating in your videos, you can be able to earn as high as thousands to millions of dollars from your channel.

Some well-known YouTubers earn as high as $10+ million yearly.

Which country uses YouTube the most in 2020?

Statistics show that India has the most YouTube users all the world. Users from India were estimated at over 220 million active users in 2020 alone.

Another country that is leading among the top YouTube users in the United States of America with an average of 197 million users.

The age of people in this category ranges from 15-35 years.

How long is a YouTube URL?

YouTube URL including its ID has a total of 24 characters which is randomly summed up with numbers and letters.

All URL in this platform is unique; meanwhile, each channel can be identified with its 24 characters URL.

Are YouTube channel names unique?

Like other social networks, YouTube channels have a unique name that differs one channel from another.

When customizing your channel URL to bear your desired name, the platform may prompt you a message that the name you’re requesting has been taken by another YouTuber.

How can I download YouTube videos?

If you want to download YouTube videos on any device that you wish to, read my guide on how to download YouTube videos.

With this guide, you can download different resolutions of videos on this platform as well as converting videos to audio files before downloading them.

Is YouTube dying or growing?

YouTube started in 2005 with just a few users. But as of 2020, this amazing video-sharing platform recorded over 2 billion users.

It is one of the growing online platforms in the entire world today because of its unlimited videos from almost every career in life which one can upload, watch and download freely.

YouTube was sold to Google in 2005 for $1.65 billion, but currently, its average revenue alone is worth over $17 billion.

Can you see/tell who viewed your YouTube video?

Though its like social media, unfortunately, no analytics shows YouTubers who viewed their videos.

They are only permitted to see: number of views, traffic sources, watch hours, number of shares, etc.

What type of website YouTube is?

YouTube is an online video platform that allows users to upload, watch and download videos for free.

When was YouTube invented?

It was invented on 14 February 2005 by three young American entrepreneurs by the name of Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim who later sold it to Google Inc. in 2006.

Who is the No 1 YouTuber in Asia?

Currently, the most popular YouTuber in Asia is Ajey Nagar who is poured out to creating and uploading several videos on this platform.

This resulted in so many subscribers and views on his channel.

Will YouTube run out of space?

Because of the number of videos and their size, users were asking if YouTube’s storage capacity will run out in the nearest future.

But the answer is absolute “NO”. The reason is that this platform uses a Cloud-based Google Data Center storage which was designed to have unlimited storage capacity.

Can I buy subscribers on YouTube?

Since a certain number of subscribers is one of the requirements before one can monetize his channel with the Google Partner Program, YouTube’s terms willingly allow YouTubers to legally buy subscribers for their channels.

There are several websites out there that offer YouTube subscribers at an affordable rate.


This guide explained everything that you can ever need to know concerning the largest video sharing platform popularly known as YouTube.

With the info we point out in this content, you can create your channel on this platform, grow it and make some money from it.

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