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An in-depth series of research we carry out at JonakyBlog has resulted in us elucidating the most striking info you need to know about Target Corporation.

This Corporation was listed among the well-known companies in the United States of America as well as Colombia district.

Over the years, they are generally categorized as merchandise retail stores that are scattered all over America.

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With their amazing tagline – “Expect More. Pay Less.” They have influenced a lot of people that are situated within the region where it is located.

From the time that Target Corporation came into existence, they have changed and modified their company logo several times, most especially when there is a new managing director.

This multi-billion dollar company also owns other companies. Which include: Shipt and Roundel.

What is Target?

Target is a retail Corporation in the United States of America and because of its amazing services, it is recorded as one of the largest retailers in the United States.

This company was established in the year 1962 by Dayton’s Company.

Later this Corporation began to grow and they started increasing in the number of new store formats for their customers.

Moreover, they began to see an increment in their company’s revenue as they began to be popular by establishing so many retailer shops in the United States and within.

target corporation

In 2019, Target Corporation has over 1800 stores in the United States alone.

Target Corporation retail formats include but are not limited to hypermarket SuperTarget, CityTarget, Discount store, TargetExpress, etc.

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What is Target known for?

This Corporation is famous for its amazing and attractive shopping experience which their customers enjoy most.

This makes their potential customers spend more than what they initially planned to spend in these retails stores. Hence the tagline – “Expect More. Pay Less.”

This company uses some technical experience and marketing tactics to keep their customer coming back as well as recommending it to their friends.

What is Target’s real name?

Target Corporation was formerly known as Dayton-Hudson Corporation that is when the company was founded.

They are generally known for their awesome food services as well as general merchandise discount stores.

Is Target a good company?

Their customers rated this company as one of the best companies in the United States of America in terms of retailers.

Its retail stores pay wages to citizens with very minimal charges and this increments its popularity and rating.

How does this Corporation operate?

This Corporation popularly known as Target is a general-merchandise retails store that focuses on selling different through their physical stores and digital channels.

Their stores sell foods of different kinds and also pay wages to U.S citizens.

Is Target owned by Walmart?

No! It was never owned by Walmart. Moreover, this company is owned by Target Corporation which was formerly known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation in the time past.

The company is now one of the most popular companies in the U.S as of today.

How does Target make its money?

This Corporation makes money by selling assorted general merchandise products as well as selling food to people within their store location.

Currently, their retail shops are situated in different cities in the United States of America.

Is Target cheaper than Walmart?

Although people prefer shopping at Walmart to Target, Walmart pricing is over $6 cheaper than that of Target.

On the other hand, some of the products in both Walmart and Target were found to be almost the same or probably different of some cents.

Furthermore, the shopping experience that customers have at this Corporation motivates them to keep going to Target for their retail shopping regardless of their pricing.

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How much does the average person spend at this Corporation?

Statistics recorded that a customer in Target retailer stores spends an average of $62 almost every time that he/she went to Target Corporation stores near them.

Most of these customers initially don’t want to spend up to this, but due to Target’s amazing services, they end up spending more than what they planned.

How is Target different from Walmart?

Though both Target Corporation and Walmart are retail stores of low cost, Target differs from Walmart because its size is smaller in size, as well as their services.

Target as a Corporation run also on large scale but they are based on profit margin and actualized revenue.

Is Target nicer than Walmart?

Customers who have spent some of their time at both Target and Walmart revealed that the shopping experience at Target was far better than that of Walmart.

This is the core reason why people recommend this Corporation over Walmart in terms of retail store shopping.

In terms of pricing, they offer discount to their customers, hence the tagline “Expect More. Pay Less.”

Are Target groceries cheaper than Walmart?

Foods at Target Corporation were found to be few percent cheaper than related items at Walmart.

They intentionally gave discounts to their customers to retain them in the company.

Does this company have good meat?

Customers complained that Target’s meat is not nice as the meat that they used to eat at Walmart.

Moreover, the quality is what differs from these two stores. Some of the Grocery store’s potential customers recommended that Grocery stores offer some discount to people that purchased meat from them – reported by Go Banking Rates.

Why is Target meat so red?

Target’s meat used to be red because they use carbon monoxide to treat their pork and beef meats.

They used this carbon monoxide as a preservative and also to keep the meat color vibrant and attractive to their customers.

What kind of a store is Target?

It is a general merchandise retailer store which is located in the United States and some regions of Colombia.

They have a good number of potential customers from the U.S and their awesome tagline – “Expect More. Pay Less.” Have kept many of their customers coming back.

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Who currently owns Target?

The current CEO of Target is Brian Cornell who oversees everything that is happening in this Corporation.

In the United States alone, they have over 1,900 stores.

Why Target is named “Target”

This Corporation was named “Target” by Dayton’s publicity by name Stewart K. Widdess and he intended to create a name that will attract customers and as well hinder existing retail store customers from patronizing their former shopping centers.

Is Target only in the US?

Though they covers almost all the states in the United States of America, it also spreads to some countries like Colombia, where got interested in the groceries and products that they offer.

Because of their popularity in the U.S, they have a large number of active customers who almost visit their store daily.

Is Target a department store?

The product and services that they offers to people make them categorize it as a departmental store where one can visit for relaxation.

Though Walmart was found to be a store in form of a warehouse because of the arrangement of their store.

How many Target stores are there in the world in 2020?

Currently, there are over 1,800 active stores that are owned and managed by Target Corporation within the United States region; this is where most of their stores were located.

People from the United States use this Corporation as their general merchandise store where they buy food and other products at a cheaper rate.

How does they know what I bought?

This Corporation places custom Guest ID numbers in the name, email, and credit card of their customer. They use this info to track and record every customer’s shopping history.

 They also store some historical data of their customers, this now gave them access to know what their customers usually purchase from them regularly.


Target is one of the biggest and well-known retail stores in the United States. They have most of their stores located in the U.S.

They offer amazing products and services at a good discount rate, which makes customers keep coming back to this company.

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