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Samsung is one of the leading companies in terms of electronic devices in the world today.

This company started in the 19th century to be a trading company. But along the line, the founder changed his initial purpose of establishing the company and it was converted into a global electronics company.

Today this company dominates in the electronics market; its sleek design, long life span, ease to repair when damaged, good user reviews, etc.

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Currently, Samsung produces assorted electronics devices such as refrigerators, Television, fans, smartphones, smartwatches, cameras, and computers & its peripherals, etc.

In this guide, I’ll give you all the necessary information you need to know about Samsung Electronics Company.

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A brief history of Samsung Electronics Company

Samsung is a South Korean company that is now recognized as one of the world’s largest manufacturers when it comes to electronic devices.

This company focused on a wide range of electronics devices that can be used at homes, companies, offices, etc. Some of these companies appliances are digital cameras, computers, mobile phones, Televisions, refrigerators, etc.


Today it is one of the most recognized companies in South Korea and its products cover about one-fifth of entire South Korea’s total yearly exports.

This company was founded by Lee Byung-Chull on March 1, 1938, as a trading store (company). In the initial period, this company began with trading noodles and other related goods which were being distributed within the providence of Korea.

When the trading began to progress, the founder expanded it and started exporting its goods to China as well as other countries.

Later, when the Korean War ended, Lee Byung-Chull expanded his company to include the manufacturing of textiles and other materials.

As of that time, he focused mainly on industrialization, to help her country recover from the outfaced war.

As of 1970, the company ventured into a heavy-duty textile manufacturing industry.

Meanwhile, the company engaged in the electronics industry in 1969 and the first product that they produced was black-and-white televisions.

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Who owns Samsung?

Samsung is owned by Samsung Electronics Company. It was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938; though he started this company as a trading company.

Later the son of the founder of this company took over the company as the chairman.

What country owns Samsung phones?

Samsung is a South Korean multinational manufacturing company with its headquarters located in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.

This company constitutes several other well-known businesses that are under the Samsung Electronics Company.

This company is composed of various affiliated businesses that unit together under the Samsung brand of electronics.

Which country is Samsung from?

Samsung has its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.

What does Samsung mean in Korean?

In Korea, the Samsung logo means “Three Stars”. This name was first initiated by the founder of Samsung Electronics Company by the name Lee Byung-Chull.

The founder had a vision that his company will be very powerful and everlasting in the future; this is why he described it with “three stars”.

Who is the CEO of Samsung in 2020?

As of 2020, the leading CEOs of Samsung Electronics Company are Koh Dong-jin (President & CEO – IT and Mobile Communications), Kim Hyun-suk (President & CEO – Consumer Electronics), Bahk Jae-wan (Chairman), and Kim Ki-Nam (vice-chairman).

The latest official logo of this electronics company is shown below

Does Google own Galaxy phones?

Although Galaxy phones use Google’s Android Operating System, it doesn’t mean that Google is the owner of Galaxy phones.

Meanwhile, Galaxy is already on a project of which they aim to build their Operating System that will perform far better than Android OS.

Which country uses Samsung the most?

From analysis, Samsung products are mostly used in China. Statistics recorded that Samsung has about 717 million active consumers that are using Galaxy phones as of 2017.

India is the next country that uses this companies products the most and they are followed by the U.S., Brazil, and Russia.

Which phone sold the most in 2020?

Galaxy phones are one of the most sold phone models in 2020. Statistics recorded that about 1.35 billion mobile phones were sold in 2020, Galaxy has about 253 million units of these mobile phones.

These were measured to take up to 18% of the mobile phone market share.

Samsung Electronics Company has sold more than 19 billion units of mobile phones just from 1994 to 2018.

What is the number 1 phone in the world?

Currently, the best mobile phone in the world is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although this rating was gotten from thousands of users who rated this Galaxy S21 Ultra alongside other phones such as iPhone, Nokia phones, etc.

Top 10 Best-Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

Below are mobile phones with the highest number of sales in the entire globe:

  1. NOKIA 1100 – Worldwide sales: 255 million.
  2. NOKIA 1110 – Worldwide sales: 250 million.
  3. APPLE iPhone 6 – Worldwide sales: 220 million.
  4. NOKIA 3210 – Worldwide sales: 160 million.
  5. NOKIA 1200 – Worldwide sales: 155 million.
  6. Nokia 6600 & Nokia 5230 & Ssamsung E1100 – Worldwide sales: 150 million each
  7. Nokia 2600 – Worldwide sales: 135 million
  8. Motorola Razr V3 & Nokia 1600 – Worldwide sales: 130 million each
  9. Nokia 3310 – Worldwide sales: 125 million
  10. Nokia 1208 – Worldwide sales: 100 million
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Top 20 most popular phones in 2020

Below mobile phones were recorded as the most popular phones as of 2020.

  • Galaxy A51. Rank: 1.
  • Galaxy A71. Rank: 2.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. Rank: 3.
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Rank: 4.
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Rank: 5.
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020) Rank: 6.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. Rank: 7.
  • Galaxy M31. Rank: 8.

Is Samsung better than Apple?

In terms of camera, the latest Galaxy phones camera comes with a lot of amazing features that are refined, fun, and the camera’s lens is almost equaling that of the digital camera.

But this doesn’t mean that iPhones cameras are not good when it comes to features.

Moreover, in terms of security, Apple phones are more secured than Samsung phones that rely on Google Operating System which is Android.

If you’re the type of person that loves the camera so much in phones, you can go for the latest Galaxy smartphones.

What is the best-selling Galaxy phone?

Top best Galaxy phones available in the market today are:

  • Galaxy S21 – Rated as the best Galaxy phone for most people.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra – Known as the best premium Galaxy phone.
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G.
  • Galaxy A52 5G.
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.
  • Galaxy S21 Plus.
  • Galaxy S20 Plus.

Which Galaxy phone is the best value for money?

 The best Galaxy smartphones recommended for you are:

  1. Galaxy S21/S21 Plus: Best for flagship lovers.
  2. Galaxy A21s: Best budget Galaxy phone.
  3. Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G: The best foldable worth buying.
  4. Galaxy S20 FE: Fan-tastic value.
  5. Galaxy A52 5G: Samsung’s best mid-range phone.

Best Samsung Galaxy Series Mobiles (2021)

Latest Galaxy series phones and their prices in India

Best Samsung Galaxy Series MobilesPrices
Galaxy M32Rs. 14,650
Galaxy M31sRs. 13,649
Galaxy M42 5GRs. 19,499
Galaxy F22Rs. 11,149

Top Galaxy phones with the best camera

Samsung Galaxy

From our list, the phones below have the best camera according to user reviews.

  • GALAXY M31 128GB.
  • GALAXY M31S 128GB.
  • GALAXY M51.
  • GALAXY M31S.
  • GALAXY S21 ULTRA 5G 256GB.
  • GALAXY M30S.
  • GALAXY F62.

Which Galaxy phone has the best battery life?

The most rated Galaxy phone with the best camera is Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Moreover, other Galaxy phones still have good battery life.

How long do Samsung phones last?

The average life span of Galaxy phones is at least 6-7 years. Meanwhile, this duration depends on how you handle your smartphones.

But if there is any physical challenge, this phone will not last up to 6-7 years as stated above.

Are iPhones better than Samsung Galaxy phones?

When it comes to security, iPhone is far better than Galaxy phones. iPhone has its App Store where iPhone users can download favorite apps.

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This Apple Store prevents iPhone users from downloading apps that are affected by malware.

However, Galaxy allows their users to download from assorted app stores which will ultimately expose their phones to malware.

In as much as this,Galaxy does not have as strong security as iPhone. Their security depends on the security kit that comes with Android Operating System.

What’s bad about Samsung?

One thing that users complain about Samsung is that they don’t regularly send updates to their users.

Users complained that they only send updates to people that are using their high-end smartphones.

Meanwhile, the company is just telling their users who wish to enjoy software updates in the future to upgrade to their high-end devices.

Research shows that Galaxy mid-range phones that cost between 150-200 USD don’t receive updates.

Is Galaxy the best phone brand?

Galaxy phones is not the best brand for everybody in the world, but they are one of the best smartphone companies in the world. They have about 21% of the global market share.

Furthermore, Galaxy smartphones have more users than Apple iPhone, Nokia, Huawei, etc.

Although they are using Android Operating System in their mobile phones, yet people buy it more than iPhone in the global mobile phone market.

Is Samsung cheaper than Apple?

Even with all the amazing features that Galaxy phones came with, they are cheaper than Apple iPhone in terms of pricing.

If you’re looking for a good smartphone with a sleek design and awesome features, we recommend Galaxy phones over Apple iPhone because they are far cheaper than iPhone. 

Why do Samsung phones hang?

From user reviews, the core reason why most Galaxy phones hang a lot is that they don’t frequently send updates to their users.

When your OS version gets outdated, some functions in your phone will start malfunctioning.

So because Galaxy phones lack software updates, they hang over time and the device also becomes slower when users begin to use it.

What is Samsung well known for?

Samsung is well-known for the manufacturing of a large variety of consumer and industry electronics such as refrigerators, mobile phones, Fans, Computers, Televisions, etc.

This Electronics Company also produces digital cameras, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and systems, etc.

It is one of the largest Electronics companies in South Korea. In as much as this, they produce as high as one-fifth of entire South Korea’s total exports.

How do I find my Samsung phone info?

Below are some useful codes and their description that will help you when looking for certain information in your Galaxy phones. Although this feature is only available for Galaxy S4 and later.

*#1234#To check software version of phone.
*#12580*369#To check software and hardware information.
*#0228#Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)
*#0011#Service Menu

Who invented Samsung?

Samsung was invented by Lee Byung-Chull on March 1, 1938, as a trading store (company). But later it was turned into an electronics company.

Galaxy inventor